2017 The Year of Unity

Michelle, you just identified my problem; my ego, and my need to share (re: my blog. Haven’t posted in a year) Your Unity Paradigm on Facebook was perfect. I saw clearly that duality I concentrated on was a barrier to discerning and pursuing unity. Than you, thank you, thank you!!! Bill Gallagher, Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Michele Elizabeth

2017 The Year of Unity


We are entering 2017 with more light in the planet than ever before and more awakened people. Everyone is vibrating at a higher frequency and this may feel odd or you may even begin the year with illness but know this is just the last cleanse of 2016 still affecting you.

The first 3 months of the year is kind of like the corridor or the ante room, giving us all another opportunity to reflect assess and let go. More importantly though it is about standing in your power consciously, everyone has been pushed one way or another in 2016 to claim their own sovereignty and the first 3 months is about setting that in.

This of course is not going to always feel comfortable and some of you may feel a little disappointed after the hype and you may feel like it is just…

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2 5 Million ufo ships have arrived to Earth – Message from Prime Creator – 11-15-16

Since I had not heard of Alexandra before this post, I was not aware of the nature and imminence of “Ascension” as she defines it. I must meditate and draw upon my Guides to confirm this form of event. If this is accurate, According to my Guides, I will commit to this path as long as it proceeds according to Alexandra’s channelled information and my Guides. Namaste. Bill G.

Higher Density Blog

Published on Nov 15, 2016

On November 1, Alexandra received a message of Divine Intervention onto our planetary collective, a notice of the start of an intensifying implosion of plasma light energy with multitudinous effects to be experienced over the next few weeks. These effects include successive frequency upgrades for those choosing ascension. This will occur in several stages and will culminate in the bridging our cellular structures into their higher-dimensional crystalline nature. It also will enact profound changes in our chakra system. Divine Intervention – with our collective and continuous intent, of course – also will oversee the takedown and a final metaphysical justice meted out to all reprobate-beings who continue to resist.

In her opening comments, Alexandra advises listeners to be “steadfast, committed, and calm” as all sides of the world are being energized. A week before scheduled US elections, chaos seems to prevail. The time of mass…

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Benjamin Fulford 12-5-16… “The dominoes keep falling, Hollande, Renzi, Sarkozy down, Xi, Putin, Abe and Merkel now targeted”

If this is accurate, it is symptomatic of End of Age of Pisces (26500 year cycle) and 2160 year cycle.

Kauilapele's Blog

benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_137New weekly report from Ben. I am still puzzled by his saying that Putin is a Rothschild agent, however.

“The resignations or announced resignations of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President Francois Hollande, European Parliament President Martin Shulz, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and the defeat of Khazarian drug dealing gangster Nicolas Sarkozy are the latest falling dominoes.

“There is now a major campaign unfolding to remove remaining senior Rothschild agents… The shockwaves caused by the fall of Italy’s Renzi will be the biggest for now, because it paves the way for the election of a Five Star Movement government that promises to leave the Euro.

“The Rothschilds and the bloodlines are fighting back hard and are pulling all the stops they can to try to prevent US President Elect Donald Trump from taking power with their big push for vote recounts in the US, sources in the…

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Are You Ready for a Spiritual Revolution?

This is practical, objective advice for everyone. As we move through the frequency shift from 3-4D to 5D our awareness and consciousness will expand. But we are free to choose whether we wish to stay in 3D or “ascend” to 5D. If we stay in 3D nothing will seem to change or improve. If we choose to follow our highest spiritual guidance, we will inevitably leave the fear, pain, and despair behind, and we will experience peace, love, ease of living, and much more. According to spiritual guides and light beings Gaia-Earth will transform to the higher 5th Dimension as well. The planet will not disappear but will exist in both dimensions. Nevertheless, it requires that we put our highest spiritual values into action. We can’t sit back and assume we will be taken along for the ride of ascension. bg

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If we want to create a new system out of the ashes of the old, we should think about the role we’ll play in creating it. We should figure out what we can do right now to reflect the paradigm shift the world needs, and we should remember that if we continue to be angry, greedy or judgmental, a new world will be impossible because we’ll fail create it from within. Any changes we’re able to make will be nullified shortly after, because we’ll fail to heal the underlying cause of the world’s broken condition; namely, the anger and greed we’ll continue to sustain.

A Few Questions

There are a few questions we should ask ourselves if we really want to change the world.

The first is if we’re committed to what will undoubtedly be a stressful, strenuous process that will stretch us to the limit.

The second is if we’re willing work with people whom we consider different or whose presence might make us uncomfortable. Even the most enlightened person may still have latent prejudices they haven’t addressed, and addressing them is a crucial step in bringing the world together.

The third is if we’re willing to forego the comforts provided by the system. As oppressive as the system is, it provides a lot of things people think they can’t go without.


The system fosters dependence by providing things we need and things we think we need, and we’ll have to give up some of our creature comforts if we’re going to create something new.

We’ll have to be self-sufficient; grow our own food and provide ourselves with what the system currently provides for us. Any help it gives the masses now will stop when the revolution picks up, and this will require us to be strong and self-sustainable.

We’ll have to rely on ourselves and each other to not only make it through the difficult conditions we may have to deal with in the beginning, but to create a fairer system that will eventually provide what we lost when the previous one fell. Or, maybe we won’t create a new system at all.

We may be sustainable enough by then that we don’t need something new to provide what we already have, and we’ll be glad we took the leap and learned to provide our own needs and comforts.

Revolution of Love

The most important question we can ask ourselves if we truly want revolution is how much love we can give to mankind. This might not seem important to most activists, but the revolution I intend to help create is a revolution of love.

It’s a spiritual revolution manifested out of the need for a better world where our rights are honored, which includes the right to experiment with our consciousness and formulate a personalized religion that frees us to explore higher states of awareness in whatever way works for us.

“You can find religion in the freedom you choose.” – Ziggy Marley


Benjamin Fulford 2-15-16… “Crunch time is coming to choose either collapse, chaos and bloodshed or reboot and renaissance”

In some ways events are not happening fast enough for me. It’s like a slow nation dream that never seems to completely unfold. I guess being human is unsatisfying for me. Or is this the illusion I am creating?

Kauilapele's Blog

benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_45[Kp note 1: I intended to publish this at about 5 AM HST, but I forgot to de-draft it when I “published” it from my iPhone… only two words for that: “Holy Crap!” But here it is!] [Kp note 2: when you click on the title, usually one can see the comments, but this one shows nothing when you do that. Maybe Ben will correct this later.]

A new weekly report from Ben.


Crunch time is coming to choose either collapse, chaos and bloodshed or reboot and renaissance
Posted by benjamin, February 15, 2016

Events continue to unfold at a blistering pace as the post-war world order continues its collapse while the fight over what to replace it with rages on. The biggest happening was the first meeting between a Pope and a Russian Orthodox Patriarch in 962 years. The weirdest thing about this event can be seen in…

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The World As We Know It Has Changed And There Is No Going Back

by Michael For­rester  17/01/16


The World As We Know It Has Changed And There Is No Going Back
Posted by AbZu
earth consciousness

by Michael For­rester

Just over four years ago, we passed a por­tal to the unknown. A place where human con­scious­ness has never been. There were doubters and skep­tics regard­ing the process of ascen­sion, but it is here…it is now and there is no going back. The new energy is all-encompassing, per­va­sive and unde­ni­able, even to those who deny it. At no other time in the his­tory of this planet has human con­scious­ness been higher than it is right now. The Earth and its inhab­i­tants are now on a course to change the nature of human pop­u­la­tions to such an extent, that soci­eties will be unrec­og­niz­able in less than 50 years and there is absolutely noth­ing that can stop it.

Imag­ine the same tune play­ing on your radio for your entire life. That’s all that would res­onate. Earth has become accus­tomed and adapted to the same tune for the last 300,000 years. Same fre­quency with lit­tle or no change, until now.

Con­trary to your his­tory books, there have been many advanced civ­i­liza­tions on Earth before this one and all of them have failed. They failed because spir­i­tual thought could not keep up with advanced tech­nol­ogy. They failed to rec­og­nize that nature and life itself was benev­o­lent. They were unable to appre­ci­ate the true con­nec­tion human­ity had to its cre­ative source. That has changed and is chang­ing.

Where Are We Now?

Human­ity has come a long way from its loss of group iden­tity and devel­op­ment of indi­vid­ual iden­tity in the third dimen­sion. It is the only dimen­sion which suf­fers from the illu­sion of sep­a­ra­tion from Spirit. It is one of the few places where souls come to expe­ri­ence athe­ism for it is not pos­si­ble in higher dimen­sions. The third dimen­sion was a vibra­tion that cre­ated the illu­sion of sep­a­ra­tion so intensely that it pre­sented a tremen­dous chal­lenge to those attempt­ing to raise fre­quency among Earth’s inhab­i­tants. Humans in this dimen­sion focused on their mor­tal­ity, their need to mate, own­ing mate­r­ial things, con­trol­ling their space and obtain­ing per­sonal power to rule oth­ers.

Presently human­ity is still going through a tran­si­tional period into fourth den­sity or fifth dimen­sional real­ity which can account for many accel­er­ated changes. It is from here that many lessons about inte­gra­tion are learned. This is the most intense of all lev­els in its cul­ti­va­tion of growth with our innate self or who we truly are.

The egoic mind has had a dif­fi­cult time giv­ing up its attach­ments and expec­ta­tions to par­tic­u­lar out­comes. While we all thirst for change, we also fear the unknown. The ego likes to be in con­trol, and rapid change requires releas­ing it and being in the present moment which is very dif­fi­cult for peo­ple. Most are not at ease step­ping out­side of their com­fort zone. Mov­ing for­ward this year, they will have no choice.

Where Are We Going?

Some­where beau­ti­ful, but the speed at which we get there depends on how human­ity can evolve their per­spec­tive. The com­ing years, espe­cially 2016, 2017, 2018 will pro­pel vol­u­met­ric aware­ness, super­con­scious­ness, rein­te­gra­tion of group iden­tity but with­out a loss of ego iden­tity. At the moment there are many light work­ers who are con­sciously and uncon­sciously assist­ing in this process. But there are many mil­lions more who will join the fre­quency in the next few years. Where it took some light work­ers on the planet decades to awaken, the com­ing wave will awaken in less than one month–some within days. It will be a viral awak­en­ing that will rip­ple through peo­ple so quickly that it will be known as a tele­pathic process of real­iza­tion. Yes, it will be that pro­found. How? Chaos. The chaos com­ing will actu­ally ini­ti­ate this process.

The dark ener­gies on the planet have already lost their power in main­tain­ing neg­a­tively ori­ented con­scious­ness. How­ever, that which is dark is not mature or intel­li­gent and will cre­ate its own demise. The dark is igno­rant to light. It can only imag­ine itself. If you think things can’t get any worse, the dark energy might sur­prise you. They will now shift into sixth gear, bring­ing fear, ter­ror­ism, war, anger, anx­i­ety and all at lev­els you likely have not seen in your life­time. The worst things they can think of are com­ing your way, but with­out the real­iza­tion that you have already moved past them. Nev­er­the­less, eco­nomic col­lapse, a dra­matic ter­ror event, major war and even a nat­ural (or touted as nat­ural) dis­as­ter may occur. Note that there are already sev­eral ter­ror­ist attacks planned in 2016. Some are quite large. Yet we con­tinue to trans­mit more light on many of these events and the time­line is chang­ing. What is planned may or may not come to fruition. They are only pos­si­bil­i­ties and you decide if they man­i­fest in your real­ity.

What is com­ing will be specif­i­cally engi­neered to make you doubt your emo­tional and spir­i­tual intel­li­gence and make you ques­tion where we are going as a planet. They will try and they will fail. But in the mean­time, you will see things that may make you uncom­fort­able depend­ing on your per­spec­tive. It’s all about manip­u­la­tion to gain an emo­tional van­tage point. How can you learn and grow from these sit­u­a­tions? How can you realign after these events? You can be at peace in the midst of chaos or you can dive into these expe­ri­ences head first as blind as a bat with reac­tion first and ques­tions later. You have the choice to be in either place, but it must be made per­fectly clear that the level of con­scious­ness now on the planet will not be swayed by ANY attempt to deter where we are going. It is here to stay. So thank the dark energy for doing its job, pat them on the back and each time they acti­vate lower fre­quen­cies, send them all a mes­sage “not today.”


As vibra­tion increases, per­cep­tion of past, present, and future will become more fluid along with the abil­ity to inter­face with mul­ti­di­men­sional and mul­ti­den­sity real­i­ties. There will be an increased desire for unity, peace and uncon­di­tional love as opposed to the illu­sion of sep­a­ra­tion and divi­sion between peo­ple and nature. The vibra­tion­ary rate will increase and there­fore many will be faced with per­sonal issues in a much more rapid and intense way.

1) Trans­for­ma­tional Biol­ogy

Genet­i­cally mod­i­fied and poi­so­nous foods filled with arti­fi­cial chem­i­cals and dan­ger­ous preser­v­a­tives have spanned the globe. They have brought dis­ease and ill effects to human health. Again, these foods and their pro­duc­tion have had a role in awak­en­ing the human mind and body. Their vibra­tion can­not exist in the dimen­sion which humans will soon reside. You will not feel drawn to eat­ing these foods and will sim­ply avoid them. They will essen­tially begin to dis­ap­pear. You will also begin to learn how to heal any con­di­tion in your body as your innate smart body grows and begins to con­nect with super­con­scious­ness. This will begin with pain for many and shift­ing fre­quen­cies will enable you to bet­ter align with your cel­lu­lar struc­ture. It will be innate. You will not need to learn it or acquire the infor­ma­tion. It will sud­denly be there one day and you will won­der where it came from. Health will solve itself as you align with heal­ing fre­quen­cies. In the next cen­tury peo­ple will live well beyond 150 years. Once human DNA begin oper­at­ing above 50% (it is now less than 30%), it will trans­form the human body. Lin­ear immu­nity can­not effec­tively fight invaders because all it sees is defense. Mul­ti­ple lev­els of aware­ness will allow cel­lu­lar and humoral immu­nity to move beyond any expec­ta­tions of your sci­en­tists.

2) Gov­ern­ments On Old Energy Will Cease To Exist

Human con­scious­ness will change pol­i­tics for­ever. If gov­ern­ments are not onboard with the new energy, they will not be elected or in power much longer. Gov­ern­ments have had the most impor­tant role in awak­en­ing the world. Through their con­stant need to con­trol pop­u­la­tions and the flow of money, they per­sisted with wars not for peace but for profit. The deliv­ery of such prof­its always went to the dark side–non-government elite enti­ties with no account­abil­ity to any­one but them­selves. They played this dark role so that the major­ity of humans could awaken and move on to other realms of vibra­tion. They have done their job very well and their time has now come to an end. Humans are now awak­en­ing to the real­ity of the dark side which has fooled so many for so long. They have mas­tered this role so well, that many humans were con­vinced that gov­ern­ments were act­ing in their best inter­ests. When the old energy meets the new, the old will lose and not nec­es­sar­ily in phys­i­cal con­flict but emo­tional and spir­i­tual. Alliances will change. There will come a day when Mus­lims and Jews will align them­selves to fight com­mon ene­mies. North Korea and South Korea will unify in the best inter­est of their pop­u­la­tions. There will be a grand bat­tle of light and dark and the dark will lose. That time­line is no longer a pos­si­bil­ity. It is a cer­tainty.

3) Youngest Gen­er­a­tions Are Car­ry­ing The Most Wis­dom

Gone are the days when peo­ple believe our elders car­ried all the wis­dom. The youngest gen­er­a­tions are refut­ing this con­cept and they would be right. The chil­dren being born at this time will teach their par­ents things that many can­not imag­ine. They are wired for innate intel­li­gence and wis­dom that carry with it enhanced DNA capa­bil­i­ties with increased fre­quency trans­mis­sions that were not pos­si­ble with older gen­er­a­tions. They are some of the old­est souls to ever walk the Earth. Before the age of ten, they will know who they are, where they came from in their last life and why they are here. If their parent’s philoso­phies, morals, reli­gion, etc, con­flict with their own, they will reject them at a very young age. They will carry an integrity and pur­pose for the Earth that was near impos­si­ble for humans to main­tain on the old energy. They will trans­form the enter­tain­ment indus­try and any other indus­try that influ­ences human con­scious­ness. And they will do it with ease and with and antag­o­nism from older gen­er­a­tions who will want to keep things as they are. We always say chil­dren will change the world, but in this case they actu­ally will by the time they are 15 years old. Yes, they will be that wise. Many of these chil­dren have already been born and you will rec­og­nize them when it is time. Some of these chil­dren will be born to some of you read­ing this.

4) Tol­er­ance

This is per­haps one of the most impor­tant ele­ments mov­ing for­ward for those wish­ing to main­tain a higher fre­quency. Play the old energy game with a smile. Do not impose your views on those unpre­pared to accept them. It can become toxic to their sen­si­bil­i­ties. Allow oth­ers to grow in what­ever way they need to. There is no one way to God and there is no judge­ment there. In fact, there is one very sim­ple way to know how valid any reli­gious doc­trine is. Does their book state that God judges oth­ers? Does their book state that God con­dones acts of vio­lence on oth­ers who oppose him? It is there where we find a truth that res­onates or not. God does not judge, ever! But we must allow oth­ers to expe­ri­ence their path. If that means allow­ing oth­ers to fol­low a book of intol­er­ance, then yes. It means hav­ing more tol­er­ance of reli­gious views or any view that does not agree with your own. Allow­ing other per­spec­tives that con­trast with who and what you are. Allow­ing oth­ers to main­tain a belief sys­tem for their own growth at what­ever cost it may come. It is a know­ing that there is no wrong path and all truths are true, defined by per­spec­tive and tol­er­ated by beings who appre­ci­ate that we are on a planet of free will. Most of all, love those who con­trast with you most. They are teach­ers as are you to them, but if at least one of you does not rec­og­nize that, all is lost. If you’re read­ing this, you know you are awake, so step up to the plate as the mas­ter that you are and take own­er­ship to guide oth­ers who are inca­pable of guid­ing them­selves. That is why you are here…AND YOU KNOW IT!



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Ascension – Altering The World From Within

Posted by AbZu



by Rachel Mason  14/8/15

For years we’ve been hear­ing about “ascen­sion” and “awak­en­ing”, but per­haps you are still con­fused about what exactly is ascend­ing – and to where. What if…..our con­scious­ness IS the hid­den spir­i­tual realm both quan­tum physics and spir­i­tu­al­ity tell of. By alter­ing our brain waves and way of expe­ri­enc­ing, we can alter real­ity. By going deep into our own selves, we are able to touch other worlds! It is our fre­quency that is ascend­ing, merg­ing our­selves, time and other dimen­sions.

Before we can go for­ward, we need to back up a bit. Sto­ries from most cul­tures tell of the Golden Age, the per­fect world in ancient times when the gods ruled. Aztec, Inca, Mayan, Hebrews, Hopi, Native North Amer­i­cans, Aus­tralian Abo­rig­i­nals as well as most spir­i­tual teach­ings, tell of 4 (or 5) Ages/worlds in our global his­tory. In the same way, sto­ries from sci­ence describe the 4 (or 5) pri­mary brain wave states that relate to our con­scious­ness.


The qual­i­ties of each world cor­re­spond to sim­i­lar qual­i­ties in our brain wave states. If these dimen­sions are our uncon­scious (and con­scious), then there must be realms which are solely per­sonal, and some which are our col­lec­tive uncon­scious, sim­i­lar to a per­sonal and net­worked hard drive. The col­lec­tive mem­o­ries would cross all cul­tural bar­ri­ers, and live as vague rec­ol­lec­tions in the back of our mind some­where.

In psy­chol­ogy these are called ‘archetypes’—a pre­set way we have of under­stand­ing some­thing. The idea of arche­types was elab­o­rated on by the great Carl Jung, stu­dent and con­tem­po­rary of Sig­mund Freud, long time stu­dent of spir­i­tu­al­ity, Kab­balah, alchemy, Hindu, Bud­dhism, and com­par­a­tive mythol­ogy. His writ­ings and ther­apy are based on the idea of arche­types. These arche­types, such as mother, child, trick­ster, hero, cre­ation – are pri­mor­dial, from where we all orig­i­nated. These ideas speak to our ancient col­lec­tive his­tory and ongo­ing influ­ences.



In these End Times or Ascen­sion, the cos­mic energy is shift­ing. Our solar sys­tem start­ing to come into align­ment with galac­tic cen­tre and higher /stronger energy vibra­tions. The veil between the phys­i­cal and spir­i­tual worlds is lift­ing, allow­ing us to see a much larger real­ity than we had pre­vi­ously known. It puts in our face all the things that were deeply hid­den, per­son­ally and cul­tur­ally. It is pro­gres­sively eas­ier to see the corporate-controlled food, drugs, clothing, money, air, water, energy, health, thoughts and speech, where just a few years ago the idea was laughed at. The endless current movies about the end of the world, hell of Earth, supernatural scares, alien contact, and ancient mythologies are all things from our collective ancient past. And as the veil lifts, our conscious, unconscious and collective unconscious merge and we come face to face to the ancient world. Literally, as numerous archeological digs are verifying history, and in understanding the truth of where we came from.In these End Times or Ascen­sion, the cos­mic energy is shift­ing. Our solar sys­tem start­ing to come into align­ment with galac­tic cen­tre and higher /stronger energy vibra­tions. The veil between the phys­i­cal and spir­i­tual worlds is lift­ing, allow­ing us to see a much larger real­ity than we had pre­vi­ously known. It puts in our face all the things that were deeply hid­den, per­son­ally and cul­tur­ally. It is pro­gres­sively eas­ier to see the corporate-controlled food, drugs, cloth­ing, money, air, water, energy, health, thoughts and speech, where just a few years ago the idea was laughed at. The end­less cur­rent movies about the end of the world, hell of Earth, super­nat­ural scares, alien con­tact, and ancient mytholo­gies are all things from our col­lec­tive ancient past. And as the veil lifts, our con­scious, uncon­scious and col­lec­tive uncon­scious merge and we come face to face to the ancient world. Lit­er­ally, as numer­ous arche­o­log­i­cal digs are ver­i­fy­ing his­tory, and in under­stand­ing the truth of where we came from.

It is this arche­typal mem­ory we want to access. The ancient past has many names, across the many cul­tures we became. The Hebrews speak of Atik Yomin (Ancient of Days), just as the Aus­tralian Abo­rig­i­nals describe Dream­time as the time of cre­ation. Dream­ing relates to Theta waves; that of the uncon­scious­ness, heal­ing & true cre­ation. When we remain in delta and theta states, we have access to these ancient days, cre­ation & part of the col­lec­tive con­scious­ness so that we can under­stand the ancient world, and use it to heal.

While these worlds existed in the ancient past, we can access to them from within. Each of the pri­mary brain wave states cor­re­sponds to one of the four worlds.


Our brain func­tions in four pri­mary states, grouped by their fre­quency and effect on con­scious­ness: alpha, beta, theta, and delta. The more we con­cen­trate and focus our thoughts, the more fre­quent the waves, but not as high. And, as our thoughts drift, as in day­dream­ing, the more the brain slows, and pro­duces higher fre­quency waves.

With each emo­tion, thought or expe­ri­ence, our chem­i­cal struc­ture and neu­ro­trans­mit­ter lev­els change, which can then change our genetic struc­ture. Some of these changes are related to spe­cific brain waves states. But let’s not con­fuse cause and effect. Brain phys­i­ol­ogy is the mech­a­nism by which our mind/spirit can expe­ri­ence altered states of con­scious­ness and being. The brain is an inter­me­di­ary between the Self and the Uni­verse. It gives us many ways of being.

Beta — 13 and 30 Hertz or cycles per sec­ond. Focused or peak con­cen­tra­tion, height­ened alert­ness and visual acu­ity, out­ward aware­ness, actively eval­u­at­ing data through the senses. It is present with fear, anger, worry, hunger, and sur­prise. This is typ­i­cally our ordi­nary daily state of mind.

Alpha —8 and 13 Hz. Unfo­cused aware­ness, such as a casual walk or light con­ver­sa­tion. It is asso­ci­ated with non-drowsy relaxed state of mind, inward aware­ness, and body/mind inte­gra­tion. Relax­ation.

The Schu­mann Res­o­nance or the fre­quency of the Earth is just between Alpha and Theta (left and right brains).

Theta —3 and 7 Hz. Sleep and states of light medi­a­tion. It is gen­er­ally ethe­real, ungrounded, and cre­ative. This state opens access to our cre­ativ­ity, which orig­i­nates just out­side our con­scious aware­ness. It is also known as the twi­light state, which we expe­ri­ence momen­tar­ily when awaken or just on drift­ing off to sleep. It is that wak­ing dream, with vivid imagery, uncon­fined to local space, time or per­son. Learn­ing, pro­cess­ing and mem­ory are processed in this state, and cre­ativ­ity enhanced, stress reduced and intu­ition and-other extrasen­sory per­cep­tion skills more awak­ened. In this state there is more imagery and visu­al­iza­tion; thought is free flow­ing; inspi­ra­tion.

Delta — .5 to 3 Hz. Deep sleep or very deep med­i­ta­tion. The senses and aware­ness are with­drawn from the exter­nal world and focused on the inner world. This is the dom­i­nant brain­wave state in infants under one year old (read here). anchor on other arti­cles.

This state has some amaz­ing ben­e­fits, which is why relax­ation is so impor­tant: Deep sleep, lucid dream­ing, increased immune func­tions, hyp­no­sis, and access to uncon­scious infor­ma­tion, the stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol is reduced, increased pro­duc­tion of anti-aging hor­mones DHEA & mela­tonin, intu­ition, empa­thy & intu­ition increased. It is also related to mir­a­cle heal­ing, divine knowl­edge, per­sonal growth, rebirth, expe­ri­ences of being one with the uni­verse, near death expe­ri­ences, bliss, trance states, pro­found relax­ation.

Since this state is so closely related to deep sleep, we typ­i­cally fall asleep. If we can keep awake, we expe­ri­ence bliss and one­ness. This state usu­ally reduces with focus and thought, but those with AD (H)D, have increased Delta waves when con­cen­trat­ing.

Since the brain is in between us and the cos­mos, alter­ing one will auto­mat­i­cally alter the other. We have the abil­ity to alter con­scious­ness to expe­ri­ence the world dif­fer­ently. Many rit­u­als and prac­tices can be seen as meth­ods to do this, increas­ing aware­ness of our­selves and our world. Any­thing that puts our brain into dif­fer­ent wave fre­quen­cies will alter con­scious­ness, and any­thing that alters con­scious­ness will change our brain wave state to cor­re­spond.

Med­i­ta­tion – is cur­rently best known as a way to relax, turn off our daily thoughts and wor­ries, and find peace.

Vibra­tions – rhyth­mic sounds affect the brain. In shamanic and Native tra­di­tions, drums rhythm help the shaman access other worlds. Research has found that steady beats at one half times per sec­ond took a shaman into the deep­est part of his shamanic state of con­scious­ness – theta state is at 4.5 cycles per sec­ond. Sim­i­lar trance states have been noted with Tibetan Bud­dhist chants.
Com­put­ers – com­puter gen­er­ated sound waves can alter our brains, eas­ily putting us into a deep medi­a­tion, enhance con­cen­tra­tion, cre­ativ­ity or cre­ate any brain state as desired.
Sex­ual – the act is rhyth­mic, and the moment of cli­max has been doc­u­mented to be at a theta brain wave state, account­ing for the one­ness felt with our part­ner and the uni­verse. Spe­cific prac­tices can enhance our time and aware­ness in that peak state.
Drugs & alco­hol can also take one to that place of unity, and/or other world, with a feel­ing of bliss. The results are not always so pre­dictable, depend­ing on the state of the user and the qual­ity of the sub­stances.
As the ascen­sion process nat­u­rally removes the veil, it raises our own vibra­tion and alters our brain waves. We will be forced to go deep within our­selves to face our own and the col­lec­tive dark­ness. As our brain waves change, we will have access to other worlds, other times and dimen­sions. Per­haps even meet­ing those spo­ken of in ancient myths.

This work by In5D is licensed under a Cre­ative Com­mons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported





The September 2015 Wave X Awakening


Posted by AbZu, 13/8/15

by Dr. Kathy J. Forti,

I once had a media and com­mu­ni­ca­tions pro­fes­sor ask a packed audi­to­rium of jour­nal­ism stu­dents the inter­est­ing ques­tion: “What is the sin­gu­lar fac­tor that affects all of human­ity? A fac­tor that can start or stop wars? That can raise up civ­i­liza­tions or destroy them?” Not one stu­dent could come up with the right, yet so obvi­ous, answer: Space Weather. Almost 35+ years later, I still remem­ber his words.

When I heard Dr. Simon Atkins recently talk about the ‘”WAVE X shift of 2015″ it made com­plete sense. Atkins is a well-known cli­mate risk econ­o­mist and plan­e­tary threat fore­caster with a doc­tor­ate in Biometeo-electromagnetics. He uses the sci­ence of mag­net­ism to bring clar­ity to what is presently occur­ring in our world.

Space weather not only influ­ences, but guides human­ity. Sta­tis­tics show that when there are intense solar flares from space, 82% of the time there is a down­shift in the stock mar­ket 1–3 days later. These same solar flare peaks are known to cause erup­tions of vio­lence between classes (sort of like the full moon effect). It’s a nat­ural phe­nom­e­non, but its all due to mag­netic waves that ulti­mately affect every liv­ing organ­ism on our planet.

On a pos­i­tive note, when there are coro­nal mass ejec­tions from the sun (CMEs), humans are more likely to expe­ri­ence eupho­ria, calm­ness and ulti­mately peace. CMEs are explo­sions of elec­tric­ity and energy in the form of elec­trons and pro­tons, accord­ing to NASA. This mag­netic energy that comes from our Sun (which is why the Ancients saw the Sun as the God Source) actu­ally ele­vates con­scious­ness lev­els. The Sun is the great bene­fac­tor. If you stay out of the Sun you quickly lose your con­nec­tion to third eye con­scious­ness. You also can expe­ri­ence depres­sion and/or ill­ness.

I expe­ri­enced this first hand many years ago when I worked in a dark­ened lab doing altered states stud­ies dur­ing day­light hours. I started not only get­ting oily skin and break­ing out with facial erup­tions (which I had never had), but I became quickly depressed. Some­thing told me to take a few 15 minute breaks out­side each day and just sit in the Sun. It was like a mir­a­cle cure. Like a plant, we need light to thrive. With­out it, it will lead to dys­func­tion, be it emo­tional and/or phys­i­cal. It’s a les­son I never for­got.

The BIG SECRET is the Sun is also con­nected to our evo­lu­tion­ary awak­en­ing. Dur­ing the last half of Sep­tem­ber 2015, there is a pow­er­ful wave of gamma light com­ing from the Galac­tic Core. This inter­galac­tic WAVE X energy will be com­ing through to Earth at max­i­mum strength and peak­ing on Sep­tem­ber 28th. We are already well into it and feel­ing its effects. It hap­pens every 3,600 years, and is being called “The Event Hori­zon.” It is the next step in the evo­lu­tion­ary cycle of man.

As reported by Time Mag­a­zine, sci­en­tists know about this event, but are ques­tion­ing what these mys­te­ri­ous inter­galac­tic bursts are or, more impor­tantly, what they will bring. Change, for sure. It is no coin­ci­dence that in the last 18 months world­wide earth­quakes have sud­denly quadru­pled as this energy is begin­ning to be felt more and more on the planet. The earth is doing strange things. Peo­ple of all coun­tries and even the media have reported eerie sound­ing, and rather loud, groan­ing sounds com­ing from the earth. Expect more in August as these are signs of dimen­sional por­tals open­ing in the earth itself, says Atkins. Inter­galac­tic WAVE X is get­ting closer. This is no Armaged­don sce­nario as many bib­li­cal adher­ents are pre­dict­ing, but a time when our cel­lu­lar DNA is able to shift and open up our true gifts.

In 1984–1985, Dr. Peter Gari­aev and his team of Russ­ian lin­guists were study­ing DNA and the ways light, sound and fre­quen­cies inter­act with DNA. Their research led to many ground­break­ing and paradigm-shifting dis­cov­er­ies with one of them show­ing that DNA is able to absorb and emit light (pho­tons), which spi­rals along the dou­ble helix in sacred geo­met­ri­cal form. Lit­er­ally, DNA cre­ates mag­ne­tized worm­holes in the time-space fab­ric. DNA acts as “tun­nel con­nec­tions between entirely dif­fer­ent areas in the uni­verse through which infor­ma­tion can be trans­mit­ted out­side of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of infor­ma­tion and passes them on to our con­scious­ness.” The researchers found that with the pres­ence of light (pho­tons), DNA acti­va­tion and thus evo­lu­tion can occur.

This is the great awak­en­ing that has always been promised us. This is an incred­i­ble time to be alive to wit­ness this shift. It does not pick favorites. It does not mat­ter what race or reli­gion you embrace. It is here for us all. We are the One­ness.

Some peo­ple believe that help­ful extrater­res­tri­als (ETs) are try­ing to slow down this plan­e­tary energy from being too much for us because this faster elec­tro­mag­netic energy can cause some peo­ple to feel like they are going mad (it opens enhanced mind/thought pat­terns). Call it energy weird­ness. It’s no coin­ci­dence that vio­lence rates sud­denly surged in the US dur­ing 2015, after years of show­ing a decline.

This new energy is noth­ing to fear. We want this WAVE X energy. It serves to cleanse and help raise the con­scious­ness of human­ity. There are those who might dis­agree and are doing their best to sup­press it. The CERN par­ti­cle accel­er­a­tor in Switzer­land is ramp­ing up to go full steam on August 15, hop­ing to stop this galac­tic energy. They’ve spent tril­lions of dol­lars for this very pur­pose. The dark forces behind CERN know this energy shift will spell the begin­ning of the end of con­trol of the masses as it begins shift­ing DNA. Just imag­ine a world where a greater per­cent­age of peo­ple are fully awak­ened than ever before. The 1% who have worked hard to enslave human­ity for their own greed and benefit—well, their days are num­bered.

Every­where in our world we are now see­ing the awak­en­ing of human­ity speed up. We are see­ing mas­sive ral­lies against cor­rup­tion and ral­lies for peace spread. We are see­ing tyranny, cover-ups and false flags exposed. And more impor­tantly, we are see­ing move­ments con­verg­ing that offer solu­tions to these issues the world faces. People’s inner worlds of heart and mind are break­ing free and we are see­ing this have direct and pos­i­tive impacts in our outer world.

If you talk to most peo­ple these days they all feel like some­thing is get­ting ready to hap­pen in the next month or two. Most don’t know what it is, but they can sense it. Whether it be a global cur­rency reset, finan­cial col­lapse, civil chaos, more earth­quakes, or some­thing else—as a col­lec­tive mass we are the precipice of a new world emerg­ing. Trust that this is not the end. You may be feel­ing more tired than usual lately—like you just can’t get enough restora­tive sleep. Maybe you’ve even taken to power napping—which is good. Take care of your­self. Your cells are already feel­ing the energy change. No sense fight­ing it. It will be inter­est­ing to see what emerges for us all.

Learn how WAVE X might affect you.

About the author:
Dr. Kathy Forti is a clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist, inven­tor of the Trinfinity8 tech­nol­ogy, and author of the book, Frac­tals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Expe­ri­ence and Jour­neys into the Mys­ti­cal.

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Physicists Examine Consciousness & Conclude The Universe Is ‘Spiritual, Immaterial & Mental’


February 7, 2016 by Arjun Walia.


When we look at the weird and wacky world of quantum physics, it can be hard to make sense of some of the things scientists have bee observing over the years

“We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate of the twentieth century (Radin, Dean. Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences In A Quantum Reality. New York, Paraview Pocket Books, 2006)

When we look at the weird and wacky world of quantum physics, it can be hard to make sense of some of the things scientists have bee observing over the years

“We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate of the twentieth century (Radin, Dean. Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences In A Quantum Reality. New York, Paraview Pocket Books, 2006)
One thing is for certain, ‘consciousness,’ or, factors association with consciousness (observation, measurement, thinking, intention) have a direct correlation with what we perceive to be our physical material world.

Max Plack, a physicist who originated quantum theory, regarded consciousness as “fundamental,” and matter as “derivative from consciousness.” He said that “we cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

Eugene Wigner, a physicist and mathematician told the world that “it was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.”

R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University said that:

“A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.” (“The Mental Universe” ; Nature 436:29,2005)
Recently, Australian scientists recreated an experiment that proves reality doesn’t really exist until we are measuring it, observing it, or ‘looking’ at it, at least to on the scale of quantum mechanics. (source)

An experiment devised by the Griffith University’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics, led by Professor Howard Wiseman and his team of researchers at the university of Tokyo, recently published a paper in the journal Nature Communications confirming what Einstein did not believe to be real: the non-local collapse of a particle’s wave function. It’s quantum entanglement, and it basically suggests that space is just the construct that gives us the illusion of separation. (source)(source)

All of these findings within quantum physics have led to the suggestion that ‘consciousness create reality.’ That is, factors associated with consciousness, like measurement, are somehow involved with our material world.

‘Consciousness Creates Reality’
The quantum double slit experiment is a very popular experiment used to examine how consciousness and our physical material world are intertwined. It is a great example that documents how factors associated with consciousness and our physical material world are connected in some way.

One potential revelation of this experience is that “the observer creates the reality.” A paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Essays by Dean Radin, PhD, explains how this experiment has been used multiple times to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality. (source)

In this experiment, a double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wave-function. The ratio of the interference pattern’s double slit spectral power to its single slit spectral power was predicted to decrease when attention was focused toward the double slit as compared to away from it. The study found that factors associated with consciousness “significantly” correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double slit interference pattern. (source)

“Observation not only disturbs what has to be measured, they produce it. We compel the electron to assume a definite position. We ourselves produce the results of the measurement.” (source)

Although this is one of the most popular experiments used to posit the connection between consciousness and physical reality, there are several other studies that clearly show that consciousness, or factors that are associated with consciousness are directly correlated with our reality in some way. A number of experiments in the field of parapsychology have also demonstrated this.

Sure, we might not understand the extent of this connection, and in most cases scientists can’t even explain it. However they are, and have been observed time and time again.

Here is a video demonstration from the film “What The Bleep Do We Know.”              http://youtu.be/DfPeprQ7oGc

Delayed Choice Experiment
Just as the double slit experiment illustrates how factors associated with consciousness collapse the quantum wave function (a piece of matter existing in multiple potential states) into a single piece of matter with defined physical properties (no longer a wave, all those potential states collapsed into one), the delayed choice experiment illustrates how what happens in the present can change what happens(ed) in the past, and shows us more how factors associated with consciousness could be intertwined with our physical material world. It also shows how time can go backwards, how cause and effect can be reversed, and how the future caused the past.

Like the quantum double slit experiment, the delayed choice/quantum eraser has been demonstrated and repeated time and time again. For example, Physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) have conducted John Wheeler’s delayed-choice thought experiment, the findings were recently published in the journal Nature Physics. (source)

In 2007 (Science 315, 966, 2007), scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus and showed that their actions could retroactively change something which had already happened.

“If we attempt to attribute an objective meaning to the quantum state of a single system, curious paradoxes appear: quantum effects mimic not only instantaneous action-at-a-distance, but also, as seen here, influence of future actions on past events, even after these events have been irrevocably recorded.” – Asher Peres, pioneer in quantum information theory (source)(source)(source)

The list literally goes on and on, and was first brought to the forefront by John Wheeler, in 1978, which is why I am going to end this article with his explanation of the delayed choice experiment. He believed that this experiment was best explained on a cosmic scale.

Cosmic Scale Explanation
He asks us to imagine a star emitting a photon billions of years ago, heading in the direction of planet Earth. In between, there is a galaxy. As a result of what’s known as “gravitational lensing,” the light will have to bend around the galaxy in order to reach Earth, so it has to take one of two paths, go left or go right. Billions of years later, if one decides to set up an apparatus to “catch” the photon, the resulting pattern would be (as explained above in the double slit experiment) an interference pattern. This demonstrates that the photon took one way, and it took the other way.

One could also choose to “peek” at the incoming photon, setting up a telescope on each side of the galaxy to determine which side the photon took to reach Earth. The very act of measuring or “watching” which way the photon comes in means it can only come in from one side. The pattern will no longer be an interference pattern representing multiple possiblities, but a single clump pattern showing “one” way.

What does this mean? It means how we choose to measure “now” affects what direction the photon took billions of years ago. Our choice in the present moment affected what had already happened in the past….

This makes absolutely no sense, which is a common phenomenon when it comes to quantum physics. Regardless of our ability make sense of it, it’s real.

This experiment also suggests that quantum entanglement (which has also been verified, read more about that here) exists regardless of time. Meaning two bits of matter can actually be entangled, again, in time.

Time as we measure it and know it, doesn’t really exist.

A Little More On The Science Of Intention
In 1984 a study took place at three different gatherings of over 7000 people who did meditation each morning and evening for three consecutive weeks. The study took place in Fairfield, Iowa (December 17, 1983-January 6, 1984), The Hague, Holland (December 21, 1984-January 13, 1985) and Washington, DC (July 1-July 10, 1985). The results were quite eye-opening. ‘Time series’ analysis was used in this study to rule out possibilities that the reduction in global terrorism was caused by pre-existing trends, drifts in data or cycles.

Some Scientists believe this is due to a coherent resonance being created in the Unified Quantum Field by those meditating.

The 7,000 people meditating created a Field Effect of harmonious coherence that spread throughout the collective–which, it is believed, helped to reduce acts of terrorism.

This effect is called the “Maharishi Effect”, and has over 600 scientific studies conducted in 33 countries and in over 250 independent research institutions. The evidence overwhelmingly correlates synchronized group prayer and meditation having social, political and economic benefits to the world. Positive correlations for numerous health benefits to the individual were also observed and confirmed.

Today this type of energy is being calculated by the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), whose home is at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This initiative has been collecting data for over 15 years, with up to 70 host sites worldwide, using random number generators. The evidence suggests there is a unifying field of consciousness described by sages in almost all cultures, it’s quite fascinating and you can read more about it in some of the articles linked below.

Major world events, such as the 9/11 attack (2001), Nepal’s earthquake (2015), worldwide meditations (2015), and more, have been recorded by the GCP and has shown that the synchronization of RNG’s has occurred when thoughts, emotions and intentions of many people from around the world get synchronized.

There are several examples that have yielded statistically significant results when it comes to measuring the effects of human intention on our physical material world, and we’ve written about this in depth in various articles. To find out more information on that, feel free to browse through the selected list below. Also, for a selected list of downloadable peer-reviewed journal articles reporting studies of psychic phenomena, mostly published in the 21st century, you can click HERE.

10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness and our Physical Material World Are Intertwined

Consciousness Creates Reality” – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual

Mind Over Matter: Princeton & Russian Scientist Reveal The Secret of Human Aura & Intentions

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Fascinating Study Shows Human Intention Can Help Heal Cancer Patients

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Buddhist Monks Bless Tea With Good Intention – Here’s What Happened

Scientists Demonstrate Remarkable Evidence of Dream Telepathy

The Placebo Effect: Transforming Biology With Belief

Scientific Study Shows Meditators Collapsing Quantum Systems At A Distance

What Science is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

How We Can Incorporate This Information Into Our Lives & Use Consciousness To Transform The World
Change requires action, but the place within which that action comes from is most important.

Modern day science, especially quantum physics, has been catching up to ancient mysticism and concepts that are/were so deeply ingrained in various cultures throughout the ancient world. One great example of this is the fact that everything is energy , and nothing is solid. You can read more about that here.

We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” – Gautama Buddha
Broadly speaking, although there are some differences, I think Buddhist philosophy and Quantum Mechanics can shake hands on their view of the world. We can see in these great examples the fruits of human thinking. Regardless of the admiration we feel for these great thinkers, we should not lose sight of the fact that they were human beings just as we are.” – Dalai Lama (source)
A great example of quantum physics meeting ancient wisdom is seen in the fact that Nikola Tesla was influenced by Vedic philosophy when pondering his ideas of zero point energy. You can read more about that here.

So why is this relevant? It’s relevant because new physics, as mentioned above, is pointing to the fact that the observer shapes the reality. The way we think and perceive could be responsible and play a vital role in the physical construct we see in front of us.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Unknown
If we look at the world and examine it on a collective level, what do we see? How do we perceive it? Right now, the masses perceive it as being born, going to school, paying bills, raising a family and finding a “job” within the current paradigm to support yourself. No judgement here, but many people on the planet are not resonating with this experience. They want change. We’ve been repeating and perceiving our reality this way for a very long time, with very little information about what is really happening on and to our planet. It’s almost like we are robotic drones that are trained and brainwashed to accept things the way they are. To not question what is happening in our world and to continue on with the status quo, only caring for ourselves and our own lives. As Noam Chomsky would say, our consent has been manufactured. If we continue down this path and continue to perceive and view reality as “this is just the way it is,” we will, in essence, prolong that type of existence and experience for the human race without ever changing it.

In order to create and manifest a new reality for ourselves, our thought patters and the way we perceive reality must change. What changes the way we perceive reality? Information does. When new information emerges it changes the way we look at things and as a result, our reality changes, and we begin to manifest a new experience and open our minds to a broader view of reality. Not to say that we can’t manifest a new physical form in the blink of an eye, and that we are not capable of doing that, but it appears to be something that takes time, something gradual, something we don’t quite understand yet.

What’s also important about teachings from new physics is that, if factors of consciousness are associated with the creation of our reality, that means change starts within. It starts with the way in which we are observing the outer world from our inner world. This touches on the earlier point of how we perceive our reality. Our perception of the external world might very well be a reflection of our inner world, our inner state of being. So ask yourself, are you happy? Are you observing, perceiving and acting from a place of love? From a place of hate or anger? From a place of peace? All of these factors are associated with our consciousness, with our observation, the one (or the many) who are doing the “observing” might play a large role in what type of physical world the human race manifests for itself, what do you think?

We are indeed the observers, can we create change and break patterns to open up new possibilities, change our direction, all through the way in which we observe ourselves, others and the world around us.

I believe that the human race is in the process of waking up to a number of different things, simultaneously. As a result, the way we perceive and “observe” the world around us (on a mass scale) is starting to drastically change. So if you want to help change the world, change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.

“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.”
This statement (worldview statement) was by Lord Kelvin in 1900, which was shattered only five years later when Einstein published his paper on special relativity. The new theories proposed by Einstein challenged the current (at that time) framework of understanding. This forced the scientific community to open up to an alternate view of the true nature of our reality. A great example of how things that once were regarded as truth have changed.

“Lord Kelvins statements bares with it the voice of paradigms past…We knew that the Earth was flat, we knew that we were the center of the universe, and we knew that a manmade heavier than air piece of machinery could not take flight. Through all stages of human history, intellectual authorities have pronounced their supremacy by ridiculing or suppressing elements of reality that simply didn’t fit within the framework of accepted knowledge. Are we really any different today? Have we really changed our acceptance towards things that won’t fit the frame? Maybe there are concepts of our reality we have yet to understand, and if we open our eyes maybe we will see that something significant has been overlooked.” – Terje Toftenes (From “The Day Before Disclosure“)
One Thing Is Clear. ‘Matter’ Is Not The Only Reality
“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla

A group of internationally recognized scientists have come together to stress the importance of what is still commonly overlooked in the mainstream scientific community – the fact that matter (protons, electrons, photons, anything that has a mass) is not the only reality. We wish to understand the nature of our reality, but how can we do so if we are continually examining only physical systems? What about the role of non-physical systems, such as consciousness, or their interaction with physical systems (matter)?

Fortunately, some scientists are studying non-physical systems, and the double slit experiment is a great example of this. You can read more about that here. A paper published by Dean Radin, PhD, in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Essays, explains how this experiment has been used multiple times to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality. (source)

“Despite the unrivaled empirical success of quantum theory, the very suggestion that it may be literally true as a description of nature is still greeted with cynicism, incomprehension and even anger.” (T. Folger, “Quantum Shmantum”; Discover 22:37-43, 2001)

Just to reiterate, at the turn of the nineteenth century, physicists started to explore the relationship between energy and the structure of matter. In doing so, the belief that a physical, Newtonian material universe that was at the very heart of scientific knowing was dropped, and the realization that matter is nothing but an illusion replaced it. Scientists began to recognize that everything in the Universe is made out of energy. This has been known in the scientific community for more than one hundred years.

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulating consciousness.” – Max Planck, theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

We are talking about what is known as post-materialist science, and the points made below summarize the problem with not recognizing, acknowledging, and examining phenomena that go past the borders of the physical material world. These points were co-authored by: Dr. Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona, Mario Beauregard, PhD, from the University of Arizona, and Lisa Miller, PhD, from Columbia University. It was presented at an international summit on post-materialist science, spirituality, and society. They (and hundreds of other scientists) have come to the following conclusions:

1. The modern scientific worldview is predominantly predicated on assumptions that are closely associated with classical physics. Materialism—the idea that matter is the only reality—is one of these assumptions. A related assumption is reductionism, the notion that complex things can be understood by reducing them to the interactions of their parts, or to simpler or more fundamental things such as tiny material particles.

2. During the 19th century, these assumptions narrowed, turned into dogmas, and coalesced into an ideological belief system that came to be known as “scientific materialism.” This belief system implies that the mind is nothing but the physical activity of the brain, and that our thoughts cannot have any effect upon our brains and bodies, our actions, and the physical world.

3. The ideology of scientific materialism became dominant in academia during the 20th century. So dominant that a majority of scientists started to believe that it was based on established empirical evidence, and represented the only rational view of the world.

4. Scientific methods based upon materialistic philosophy have been highly successful in not only increasing our understanding of nature but also in bringing greater control and freedom through advances in technology.

5. However, the nearly absolute dominance of materialism in the academic world has seriously constricted the sciences and hampered the development of the scientific study of mind and spirituality. Faith in this ideology, as an exclusive explanatory framework for reality, has compelled scientists to neglect the subjective dimension of human experience. This has led to a severely distorted and impoverished understanding of ourselves and our place in nature.

6. Science is first and foremost a non-dogmatic, open-minded method of acquiring knowledge about nature through the observation, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Its methodology is not synonymous with materialism and should not be committed to any particular beliefs, dogmas, or ideologies.

7. At the end of the nineteenth century, physicists discovered empirical phenomena that could not be explained by classical physics. This led to the development, during the 1920s and early 1930s, of a revolutionary new branch of physics called quantum mechanics (QM). QM has questioned the material foundations of the world by showing that atoms and subatomic particles are not really solid objects—they do not exist with certainty at definite spatial locations and definite times. Most importantly, QM explicitly introduced the mind into its basic conceptual structure since it was found that particles being observed and the observer—the physicist and the method used for observation—are linked. According to one interpretation of QM, this phenomenon implies that the consciousness of the observer is vital to the existence of the physical events being observed, and that mental events can affect the physical world. The results of recent experiments support this interpretation. These results suggest that the physical world is no longer the primary or sole component of reality, and that it cannot be fully understood without making reference to the mind.

8. Psychological studies have shown that conscious mental activity can causally influence behavior, and that the explanatory and predictive value of agentic factors (e.g. beliefs, goals, desires and expectations) is very high. Moreover, research in psychoneuroimmunology indicates that our thoughts and emotions can markedly affect the activity of the physiological systems (e.g., immune, endocrine, cardiovascular) connected to the brain. In other respects, neuroimaging studies of emotional self-regulation, psychotherapy, and the placebo effect demonstrate that mental events significantly influence the activity of the brain.

9. Studies of the so-called “psi phenomena” indicate that we can sometimes receive meaningful information without the use of ordinary senses, and in ways that transcend the habitual space and time constraints. Furthermore, psi research demonstrates that we can mentally influence—at a distance—physical devices and living organisms (including other human beings). Psi research also shows that distant minds may behave in ways that are nonlocally correlated, i.e. the correlations between distant minds are hypothesized to be unmediated (they are not linked to any known energetic signal), unmitigated (they do not degrade with increasing distance), and immediate (they appear to be simultaneous). These events are so common that they cannot be viewed as anomalous nor as exceptions to natural laws, but as indications of the need for a broader explanatory framework that cannot be predicated exclusively on materialism.

10. Conscious mental activity can be experienced in clinical death during a cardiac arrest (this is what has been called a “near-death experience” [NDE]). Some near-death experiencers (NDErs) have reported veridical out-of-body perceptions (i.e. perceptions that can be proven to coincide with reality) that occurred during cardiac arrest. NDErs also report profound spiritual experiences during NDEs triggered by cardiac arrest. It is noteworthy that the electrical activity of the brain ceases within a few seconds following a cardiac arrest.

11. Controlled laboratory experiments have documented that skilled research mediums (people who claim that they can communicate with the minds of people who have physically died) can sometimes obtain highly accurate information about deceased individuals. This further supports the conclusion that mind can exist separate from the brain.

12. Some materialistically inclined scientists and philosophers refuse to acknowledge these phenomena because they are not consistent with their exclusive conception of the world. Rejection of post-materialist investigation of nature or refusal to publish strong science findings supporting a post-materialist framework are antithetical to the true spirit of scientific inquiry, which is that empirical data must always be adequately dealt with. Data which do not fit favored theories and beliefs cannot be dismissed a priori. Such dismissal is the realm of ideology, not science.

13. It is important to realize that psi phenomena, NDEs in cardiac arrest, and replicable evidence from credible research mediums, appear anomalous only when seen through the lens of materialism.

14. Moreover, materialist theories fail to elucidate how brain could generate the mind, and they are unable to account for the empirical evidence alluded to in this manifesto. This failure tells us that it is now time to free ourselves from the shackles and blinders of the old materialist ideology, to enlarge our concept of the natural world, and to embrace a post-materialist paradigm.

15. According to the post-materialist paradigm:

a) Mind represents an aspect of reality as primordial as the physical world. Mind is fundamental in the universe, i.e. it cannot be derived from matter and reduced to anything more basic.

b) There is a deep interconnectedness between mind and the physical world.

c) Mind (will/intention) can influence the state of the physical world, and operate in a nonlocal (or extended) fashion, i.e. it is not confined to specific points in space, such as brains and bodies, nor to specific points in time, such as the present. Since the mind may nonlocally influence the physical world, the intentions, emotions, and desires of an experimenter may not be completely isolated from experimental outcomes, even in controlled and blinded experimental designs.

d) Minds are apparently unbounded, and may unite in ways suggesting a unitary, One Mind that includes all individual, single minds.

e) NDEs in cardiac arrest suggest that the brain acts as a transceiver of mental activity, i.e. the mind can work through the brain, but is not produced by it. NDEs occurring in cardiac arrest, coupled with evidence from research mediums, further suggest the survival of consciousness, following bodily death, and the existence of other levels of reality that are non-physical.

f) Scientists should not be afraid to investigate spirituality and spiritual experiences since they represent a central aspect of human existence.

16. Post-materialist science does not reject the empirical observations and great value of scientific achievements realized up until now. It seeks to expand the human capacity to better understand the wonders of nature, and in the process rediscover the importance of mind and spirit as being part of the core fabric of the universe. Post-materialism is inclusive of matter, which is seen as a basic constituent of the universe.

17. The post-materialist paradigm has far-reaching implications. It fundamentally alters the vision we have of ourselves, giving us back our dignity and power, as humans and as scientists. This paradigm fosters positive values such as compassion, respect, and peace. By emphasizing a deep connection between ourselves and nature at large, the post-materialist paradigm also promotes environmental awareness and the preservation of our biosphere. In addition, it is not new, but only forgotten for four hundred years, that a lived transmaterial understanding may be the cornerstone of health and wellness, as it has been held and preserved in ancient mind-body-spirit practices, religious traditions, and contemplative approaches.

18. The shift from materialist science to post-materialist science may be of vital importance to the evolution of the human civilization. It may be even more pivotal than the transition from geocentrism to heliocentrism.

* This Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science was prepared by Mario Beauregard, PhD (University of Arizona), Gary E. Schwartz, PhD (University of Arizona), and Lisa Miller, PhD (Columbia University), in collaboration with Larry Dossey, MD, Alexander Moreira-Almeida, MD, PhD, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, and Charles Tart, PhD.

** For further information, please contact Dr Mario Beauregard, Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. Email: mariobeauregard@email.arizona.edu

**** The Summary Report of the International Summit on Post-Materialist Science, Spirituality and Society can be downloaded here: International Summit on Post-Materialist Science: Summary Report (PDF).




Poison Planet

Zen Gardner  February 14, 2016

by Zen Gardner

To say we’re living in perilous times is an understatement. The plethora of denigrating, dehumanizing and physically degrading influences being intentionally poured into the already toxic social and physical soup of humanity is not just appalling, it’s outright insanely genocidal.

When we stand back and look honestly at what is assailing our species it’s mind and heart boggling. Poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned food, poisoned medicine…with the one-two punch of poison news, poison education, poison entertainment and all the rest.

This is actually understood by many people, to various degrees but people get it, yet they keep living within it and keep imbibing this sewage as if they’re immune now.

That’s what amazes, perplexes and dumbfounds me…never mind raises my hackles. Why don’t they respond accordingly?

Get Drastic
Make some serious decisions in your life if you’re really sincere about all of this. Don’t just be an observer. So you’ve discovered chemtrails are real, what is your response? You know that the financial system is a hoax and you’re deeply vested in it for whatever reason, what are you going to do? You’re eating adulterated food, what’s your conscious reaction?

You now know the information being pumped at you is intricately designed with a specific intent in mind. What is your response? Are you just observing? Are you just waiting?

And for what?

Therein lies the problem. Too many years of conditionally dumbed down responses and excuses waiting in the wings perhaps. Everyone wants to get off the accountability train. Hence our whirled today. Sleeple following orders.

It’s totally inexcusable. Universe is alive and responsive, and so are we. Why keep repressing it? Where’s the simple guts of conviction that once ruled our race and planet and daily lives?

We each have the magnificence of the divine – in being, in choice, in action. The stirring that is awakening so many hearts begs a response, a conscious and aware response. And no longer delayed.

We know who we truly are and we will act accordingly.

Let the fears subside and follow your heart. Our magnificence and that which we represent is now being manifested. Let it out – boldly, bravely, and with full on conviction that we, us, our true selves, are indeed the answer we’ve longed for and have been falsely externally waiting for.

It’s here. And now.

Do it. And ride the wave with audacity!

Love always and all ways, Zen