Hi! My name is Bill Gallagher. An ordained minister with over thirty years of pastoral work before retirement. The purpose of my blog is to share some of the thoughts, insights, and explorations  I have had over the last twenty-five to thirty years. My personal biography might explain a certain amount, but that’s not the purpose of this blog.

Since I was a young adult I have had a strong sense that I was to share the  “knowing” I was receiving since childhood from intelligences of other dimensions. I have since discovered they are Spirit Guides – ascended masters, angels, and archangels – members of the Company of  Heaven.  Just one of them is Jesus, aka Yeshua and Sananda. I discovered during a visualization meditation in September, 2013, that I have at least two Spirit Guides. I am no different than every other spirit being who inhabits a physical body. Most humans are unaware or unconscious of this. But the Guides are there to help and advise souls in this human life experience. I am in the process of awakening to this reality, and learning to communicate with them, including following their guidance.
My hope in this blog is to help others to awaken to the reality that our whole Milky Way Galaxy is increasing in vibrational frequency. We are being informed that this is the process of Ascension, not just ascension of soul but of the body as well. Our whole planet, Gaia, is already ascending into 4th and 5th dimension. As the frequencies increase, more people will awaken to the awareness of Oneness, that we are all connected to, and a part of Source. Each human will awaken according to their free will soul decision. Then the human consciousness will become aware of their earthly purpose, and to prepare for Ascension.
My whole earthly life has been a journey of experience and learning that has led me to this moment. I don’t know yet when or how my earthly purpose will be fulfilled/completed, but I know now that, as my Spirit Guide told me, I am “coming home.” Where is home? The eternal dimensions that some religions call Heaven. My main teachings in my ministry were from Jesus, who quoted the 2nd Biblical Commandment to “love one another,” and also from my Guide who reminded me that we are not merely human beings who have a soul; we are spirit beings who inhabit a physical body to have a human experience.  When you perceive this human experience from the perspective of a higher dimension (Heaven), it makes a lot more sense than looking at life and Heaven from the perspective of mortal humanness.

We have never been separate from Creator/God/Source. In this physical dimension we only think we are. That “unconscious” perception has been reinforced by religious teachings of separateness and alienation from God (Source), and attributed to “sin” or fallenness. Religion then assumes that they have the authority to be the only intercessor between humanity and God. Yet Jesus, the Biblical Son of God, told his followers that the Holy Spirit is our intercessor. In other words we have a direct link to God. There is no necessity for a human “clearing agent.” This limiting perception has been taught by religion for thousands of years, and remains the dominant belief in the twenty-first century.

I will continue to spread the liberating “Good News” of our cosmic Oneness with God/Source. Thirty-six years ago God/Source called me to be a Messenger of Love and Truth. Together with all of the other Lightworkers and Lightbearers, and the Ascended Masters like Jesus, St. Germain and others, I pass on, through this blog, what Source is sending. I hope that Source speaks to you in and through this blog.
Namaste. Blessings and peace.
Bill G.***+


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  1. Thanks for the comment, Mike. Sorry for the delay. Still getting my “C” legs. This is also an invitation for you to do some dimensional travel and exploration. Surprising the variety of connections between popular religious/spiritual thought and the New Spirituality. Try it on and send back your comments. Consider this a challenge. You just might discover new territory beyond the Columbus archetype. Bill G.***+


    1. Thank you, Gloria. Trying to be open and aware of Spirit’s guidance. Earthly journey has been challenging and successful in business and pastoral ministry, but I have been led beyond institutional religion, which is unfortunately a doctrinal box for me. Ordained ministry in that context was political and administratively distracting. I have been constantly researching a wide range of interests including the “new spirituality” and the cosmology of the omniverse, all made possible by God/Source/Creator. What a trip! In this chaotic time on Gaia, planet Earth, we are at a crisis point. Galactic level energy increases are transforming us. Will we survive? I feel that many will “awaken” and ascend to higher dimensions, unaffected by the travesties being perpetrated by dark entities that have invaded the physical 3rd dimensional Earth. We are guided to “keep our heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God, and In Jesus our ascended Guide. There is much more, but I will pause for now.
      Much Love and Light continue for you, Gloria. Namaste
      Bill Gallagher (wgallagher2@me.com)


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