Steps In the Direction of Your Dream

If you’re wondering why there have been no posts for two weeks, it’s because I’ve been researching …….and struggling – struggling with my past, my attitudes, my relationships, my perception of life, this planet, and my purpose for being here.

You see, I’m the middle son of a Mohawk North American Aboriginal. But I look like my Scottish-Irish father, an immigrant to Canada, who was leaving poverty to find a better life. For most of my life I have denied my Indian heritage, partly out of shame, partly out of my need to succeed in the “white man’s” world. I have done that. But the wounds of childhood had moulded me into a distrusting, sometimes bitter, old man.

it has been my daughters who have shared with me the means for my healing. They introduced me to meditation, which I have been “practicing” for about three years. In my thirty-four years as an ordained minister I had never found the depths of spiritual relationship with God/Source that I have found in meditation, and all the printed and e-resources. They have led me on a journey of exploring the infinite of what is, even though I have barely stepped outside the third dimensional orthodox prison of humanity’s enslaved and brain-washed perception of reality.

Each day I receive inspirational messages through emails, among other resources. This morning I received this from Ted Murray:

How do you handle people who criticize, attack or accuse you? Do you get defensive and attack back? Do you shrink and give up your power and allow your self-esteem to be taken down a notch or two? Do you shy away from the confrontation but allow it to continue to fester in your mind?

Any time someone criticizes you or accuses you of something, it is best to first look at what might be the gift in it for you to learn from. Even if there is only a grain of truth to what they are saying, it gives you an opportunity to analyze yourself and see in what way you might have handled the situation differently. Trying to learn and grow from every situation is always the way to increase your awareness. Ultimately, the key is to keep it in perspective and not allow someone else to distract you from your true purpose in life. When you remain connected to your higher path and are striving to make a difference in the world you will attract those who would like to bring you down. Remain committed to your path of contributing to the benefit of the world without letting these challenges stop you from pursuing your mission.

Love & Light,

Each of these “pearls” help me to heal from the inside out. And in that healing I am discovering light, love, forgiveness, peace, joy, and the wonderful, liberating, unconditional acceptance of Creator God/Source.

What does this have to do with your dream, or mine? We can have many dreams – some dark and scary, some confusing, some deeply meaningful at the level of our soul/spirit. There are dreams of immediacy, dreams that persist a lifetime, and dreams that occur at a stage of life change. The change of life dreams, both literal and figurative, shed light on the purpose of the next stage. Remember that we are incarnated to experience and learn. It is said that many of life’s lessons are learned from the most painful experiences. If we are awake and aware of our spiritual nature, the context and the effectiveness of the lesson being taught is much greater than perceiving life through the programmed filter of victim consciousness.

I began to awake from that “sleep” several years ago. But it was less than two years ago that I awoke enough to be conscious that being a victim is a choice. From the perspective of the timeless higher dimensions of reality, the purpose of this life I was living/experiencing took on a whole new and greater meaning. I have learned that we are not just physical beings having a human experience; we are spiritual or higher life forms having a human experience. In a holographic sense we are all aspects of One, of Source.

The general idea of a holograph is that every atom of that holograph contains all of the elements of the whole. Using that logic, we are made up of billions of atoms, each of which is not just the whole “you” but the whole of God/Source. God/Source is not separate from Its creation. It (God/Source) IS creation, as surely as the reality that the universe, all universes, are God/Source.

Finally, getting back to the reason for this post, I have been struggling with belief in myself as an aspect of the infinitely Loving Creator/God/Source, and the availability of all those resources to write a book. How I pay for the publishing of that book, and the inspiration to get it published is up to me. I can choose to not believe in the infinite Resources at my disposal, or I can literally let my Self fall into the open arms of God and allow our Creator to guide me along the path I choose for this stage of the journey in this physical human body.

Wow! What a trip! Cmon, Bill, let’s get going!

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