Love from the Great Beyond

I have had a five-year long journey of painful struggle to develop some understanding, and peace, to deal with why my teen-age daughter had been abducted and raped. Everybody’s journey is unique, everybody’s struggle is with the pain, guilt, anger, revenge. I realize that the perpetrator was another human being with their own struggles, their own dark appetites and perceptions. I have evolved from a self-righteous church minister – judgmental and hurting – towards a changing, forgiving person who has left his religion of limited and inadequate doctrines on the nature of God, the human experiment, and the nature of reality.
You have helped me take another step along my path, and I want to share it with others by posting it in my blog as you do. I have only a few people who are willing to share with me on this phenomenon some are calling Ascension. I pass on several comments from others in hundreds of emails, but I receive only one or two replies. Perhaps they think I am simply a ranting old man who has fallen behind in his  own tremendous effort to keep up in the rat race illusion. I am feeling very much like what Jesus expressed, when he said, “Father, why have you forsaken/abandoned me.”
My thought is that I personally incarnated to experience what it feels like to be abandoned and forsaken, by my mother, then my father – emotionally, by my church, by religion, emotionally by my wife, by aging, by society, by my own body. And in the process I am to learn to overcome all this with an awareness of love and self-acceptance within me. This has come partly from meditation, and with my Guides, but also from others, with articles and comments that I read in computer articles and Comments like yours.
Thank you from my heart and soul.

A few weeks ago I visited with a friend who had recently lost his daughter-in-law. She had been dealing with cancer and things appeared to be going well, then suddenly her body gave way and within two weeks she was gone. His son was devastated… such a young man, with his wife gone. It’s a lot to come to terms with.

I expressed my sympathy and said something like, “She isn’t really gone.” Later on I realized how ‘un-comforting’ those words are. Of course she’s really gone from his son, who is never to feel her body in an embrace, never to hear her laughter, never to look in her eyes again. We love each other in the physical realm, and when the physical is gone from us, our loved one is very much gone.

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