If you are having difficulty with forgiveness ask for help and for clarity.

I accept your invitation with my whole heart and soul! I ask for help and clarity because I am caught in the illusion. I am endlessly grateful for your Divine help. I thought I was awake, even as I spoke with my Guides. But I have been asleep in the illusion, forgetting that I am a being of Love. I am still confused, not understanding my unwillingness to forgive myself, unwilling to really see beyond the illusion that I am separated from the Divine. My religion, that I thought I left behind, still convinces me that I have sinned and I am not forgivable. Please clarify for me that I really am One with God. Free me from this tortuous illusion!!!

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To leave the illusion behind is humanity’s divine destiny because humanity’s destiny is divine. It has ensnared, enslaved, and entranced you all for far too long and your unwillingness to release yourselves from it is all that holds you within it. You have the power and the capability to do so because you are divine beings, and, because it is your will and God’s, you will release yourselves.

Nevertheless, you are conflicted within yourselves by the intriguing but fanciful opportunities with which it tempts you, and by your desire to find the real meaning in life, a meaning that overwhelms and shatters the unreal dreams that seem to be your constant companions – wealth, security, a lover, and a beautiful environment in which to enjoy them. But the dreams seem so real! This is because you are very powerful beings, and you have made them seem very real, so real…

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