Forgiving the Prodigal

I have just been reading an article that talks about forgiveness as unfinished business. I have experienced that it’s almost impossible to make any movement in my spiritual ascension if I am burdened with loads of resentment, victim consciousness, hatred, and dualistic judgement. Here is the article:

The writer, Sierra Roberts, says, In my case there’s one common theme: Forgiveness. I need to forgive all those people who let me down. Jesus said, ‘Father, they know not what they do’. True – otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. Then I realized that I am probably transmuting for the collective: there are too many incidents for it to be personal. I’m getting practice for the global revelations of the gross betrayals by the Illuminati. The Company of Heaven is urging us to find forgiveness in our hearts for these lost, dark beings who’ve caused so much suffering and heartache on Earth. Let’s practice this forgiveness ahead of time. I am sure the scale of betrayal will side-swipe even the most compassionate of loving souls. As I read the article that encouraged forgiveness, not just for personal estrangements, but for age-old “evils” that have enslaved humanity and this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. I am referring to the Illuminati, and their forerunners, the Annunaki. Many readers are familiar with the Illuminati and their plan to completely control humanity and plant Earth. But many don’t know much about the Annunaki,except through the “Earth Chronicles” books by the late Zechariah Sitchin, and the many internet sites that have spread some  apocryphal stories, and some factual evidence. Here is one article I think has validity: That is a lot of material to take in, but it serves as an example of the kind of beings who have contributed to our genesis and evolution, and perhaps why we behave the way we do. The point is, are we willing to and capable of forgiving these “creators” for the mess they have made of humanity. My personal solution to this seemingly insoluble problem is two-fold: The first thought that came to me was the Biblical story of The Prodigal Son. The lesson in the parable Jesus tells is that in spite of the deplorable behaviour of the son who took off with his inheritance and blew it on “wine, women and song”, he came crawling home to beg forgiveness. The father welcomed him home with unconditional love and no questions or recriminations. The traditional interpretation of the parable is that God forgives humanity for all of its errors in moral and spiritual choices. If we extend the idea of creation to consider that there is no right/wrong, good/bad, it would suggest that in the duality of our physical dimension of reality, there is always a polarity. This is being refined into “fifty shades of gray” in our morally relativistic generation. Great! But how does this apply to humanity – to us? That leads to the second part of my solution: think Big Picture!  This means looking at creation from the point of view of the Creator/Source/God. Since Source created everything, then it is all One – good and bad, right and wrong, love and hate, Light and Darkness, cruelty and forgiveness. And it is all based on the choices that are made using the knowledge available. It isn’t very loving in the definition of unconditional love, but it goes a long way to explaining how our ancestors got it so wrong. They had bad information, and therefore made bad choices. So, how are we to forgive ancestors, aka Illuminati/Annunaki, who still control and enslave our planet? Let’s get back to the Prodigal Son and the Big Picture. If each of us CHOOSES to forgive them with a conscious awareness of the unconditional Love, the very essence of Creator God, we are essentially opening our souls to God’s infinite Potential to bring creation back into balance, and ALLOWING that to happen. That’s The Big Picture! Is this possible? Or is this just idealistic and naive – a philosophical game? If we continue to think small and ignore our own spiritual essence, then, yes, we will be like lemmings, falling off the cliff of our own ignorance into an oblivion. But, if we CHOOSE to “go within” to meet with our Higher Self, our Soul, and our Spirit Guides, and ask for help and direction, They will respond with all the resources of Heaven. Heaven? What is that? Heaven consists of the infinite number of higher dimensions, and therefore resources to rectify what has gone off the rails of Source’s pure “Big Picture.” In that sense God can do anything he wants, which ultimately, infinitely, is perfect. For us now, we have some unfinished business, an uncompleted mission of our incarnation. If we are to help rectify the terrible mess this planet is in, we need to call on all the resources of the higher dimensions and Guides. In the words of Sierra Roberts, we are “probably transmuting for the collective.” That is, when we individually forgive from the heart and from the soul, there is a cosmic change that takes place. Or, you could say that this is an example of the 100th Monkey principle. As more people “get it” and know the power of forgiveness, we reach a tipping point wher everybody “gets it” – even the Illiminati and the Annunaki. So, let’s start the ball rolling. Let’s throw the pebble in the pond and see the ripples have their effect. Anyone for forgiveness?

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