My Perspective on Ascension Predictions – Part 2/2

Reading Pt.2 I kept being reminded of the child who is waiting for Christmas, and they are so impatient, they can’t wait. It just seems to take so long! In this materialistic culture in which we are immersed, the “I want it now” mentality of instant gratification is manifested as a pouting child demanding that they should be able to experience the paradise of Ascension NOW. They/we haven’t yet learned and awakened to realize that we have the latent ability to create Christmas for ourselves every moment of every day. No waiting! You’re right, Wes. Repeated disappointment is “created” when we expect someone else (CofH, ETs, White Hats, etc) to do it for us – provide it for has. As you, and others, have said, “We are the ones we are waiting for.” As I am convincing myself of this and get out of my “comfortable pew,” I/we realize that getting on with life is the best/wisest way to get to Christmas/Ascension. Someone once said, “You can’t get there from here. Ya gotta take the road (do the work).” No one will do it for you/us. That’s what this incarnation is all about….. So, Wes, keep truckin’. I am getting the message.

Openhearted Rebel

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

When a channeled source is asked direct questions that relate to timeframes or manifestations, they can’t help but give the best and most honest answer they can, given that they don’t experience physical time like we do.

Sometimes, they’ll come right out and offer an unsolicited prediction, and the best thing they and we all can do is hope that the collective vibration’s in the right place when the timeframe they predict reaches us.

When a prediction’s made, some seekers will go off the deep end with anticipation and giddiness that can turn into disappointment, despair and depression when the predicted events don’t manifest. I’ve rode this carousel plenty of times, and I chose to get off of it a long time ago.

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