Rise Earth – Healing Power of Forgiveness – Anne Hartley OM Times

I am reminded that emotions are energies, and that anger, hurt, resentment, ETs are -ve energies that block the Light energy that “feeds” us and gives us life. Thank you for your thoughts on forgiveness. I accept it as a gift – a divine helpful hint – to clear the path to my soul by removing and/or neutralizing the negative energy. Your visualization of Light flowing down through the crown chakra and out of the heart to surround the person(s) I need to forgive, and “to include [myself] in this white light as well,” is VERY helpful. You are an Angel.

Higher Density Blog

  I consider myself to be a nice person. I spend a lot of my life – giving to others and teaching positive life skills. However, what I like about myself sometimes makes it hard for me to accept other people when they are inconsiderate, selfish and downright hurtful towards others. You see I have a lot of rules about the way people should treat each other and these rules, when I am not living consciously, make my life harder than it needs to be because I have no control over other people’s behaviour. As a way of remaining conscious and making my own life easier, I have established the habit of forgiving daily and I generally do this each night just before I go to sleep.

This simple habit has made my life so much easier.

Now it’s very easy to tell someone else to forgive, and there is…

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