You are divine beings on Earth to assist humanity to awaken.

John, I thank Jesus for speaking through you with a very encouraging message, and the assurance that, despite the struggles in this lower dimension, we are fulfilling our purpose in assisting humanity to awaken. If you don’t object, I am sending this message worldwide on my blog, Cosmic Messenger. Along with your global reach, I intend that this message is reaching those who are seeking a message, a Light that will open their heart to the reality of God/Source and their own true Origin. Infinite blessings to you, John, in all Love and Light. Bill G.***+

Jesus through John

Humanity is on the edge! Awakening is imminent!  Yes, you have been told this many times already, and, as time is of the illusion, it is absolutely true.  Nevertheless, to humanity it seems that the flow of time is unavoidable – slow or fast depending on how you are personally experiencing it – but it does seem that you are enclosed in it, enveloped within it inescapably, and when you are waiting for something for which you long the waiting can seem interminable.  So we have been telling you that your awakening is imminent first because it is, as time is illusory, and second because it is you who have to awaken, and you will do it in an instant once you are ready.

You have spent eons moving towards this moment of readiness, and so we have to keep stressing its imminence to keep you on your toes…

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