Your Attitude is the Greatest Indicator of Your Progress

Wes, Your channelled message is hitting me at exactly the perfect moment!
I haven’t finished the article, but I know it is guidance I need, as I prepare to re-activate my “ministry.”
At age seventy-three I have “re-purposed” my life, after thirty years of ordained ministry. As you may notice, I am “reblogging” your posts. They are contributing to the success of my “Cosmic Messenger” blog that is now worldwide. I am also endeavouring to carry these messages to my pastoral ministry in local churches.
It will be interesting to observe the response to messages that are beyond Christian orthodox doctrine.
I have been receiving direction from my Higher Self and my Guides. More later. Namaste!

Wes Annac's Personal Blog

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Becoming aware of your spiritual nature and the immense things you’re on your planet to do is the first step to finding your passion and using it to help others, and if you continue to embrace the potent higher-dimensional connections you’re starting to make, you’ll find that you float to your purpose with ease.

You’ll find your purpose and pursue it much more easily than you would if you were cut off from the influence of spirit, and the lessons many of you are presently learning are geared toward finding your passion and acting on it, helping others in the process.

Once you find what you enjoy; what you want to use to help all of humanity become aware of spirit, you’re tasked with acting on your sacred skills and producing as much spiritually inspired material as possible.

You have…

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