A thought from John.

Very elegantly expressed John! Since God is Source, and Infinite, “will” is too limited a word to describe limitless Consciousness and Intelligence. I would prefer the word “Purpose” because it is more “Accepting” of ALL creation. Please do not see this as criticism or knit-picking, since I perceive this as dialogue, to share learning, evolving and enabling Ascension. Blessings!

Johnsmallman's Blog

We were created perfect by God, our Mother/Father, the divine Source of all that exists, Who is eternally and infinitely perfect.  Therefore we are perfect — not our human vehicles that are built afresh in every moment and driven by our egos, but our true eternal Selves — magnificent beyond anything of which we can conceive.  So, because we are complete, we need and can do nothing to change our condition.  Improvement is impossible because we are already eternally perfect, just as we were created.  To seek to improve on that is arrogant in the extreme, because it suggests that we think we can improve on God’s work.

Self-assessment, self-judgment, anxiety, worry, unworthiness, and fear are all aspects of the egoic illusion that we built to hide Reality from us while we played at being independent beings aloof from or removed from our Creator.  The way home, the way to…

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