Jesus Sananda About Relationships – An Hour with an Angel – Transcription – Channel Linda Dillon – Host Steve Beckow

I’ve been following Steve Beckow and his sites for over three years, both 2012 Scenario and Golden Age of Gaia. I had lost track of this interview with Jesus, so it is deeply gratifying to be reconnected, so to speak, through the Higher Density Blog. I thank my Guides, including Jesus, for leading me on this journey, and experience, that has brought me back to this wonderful reunion. Fifteen years ago I found the book, “Jesus, the Lost Years,” at a bookstore in St. Augustine, Florida. I never forgot its message, or the “real” Jesus. It changed my approach to ministry. (I am a retired United Church minister in Canada.) I continue to be IN this world but very much less OF this world. My ministry has changed, as you can see from my blog, Cosmic Messenger, but I am also taking this message back to the churches in the role of Retired Supply. This is my new purpose that my Guides have directed me to. Thank you Jesus, and the whole Company of Heaven. I am truly blessed!

Higher Density Blog

Ellen has again rushed us a transcript of last night’s Hour with an Angel, in which Jesus shared about his lost years.

In this interview, Jesus has shared that he he was “in-filled” by the Holy Ghost at age 5 or 5 1/2 and that his baptism by John with the descent of the dove was symbolic.

He discussed his travels around the spiritual circuit of his days, his marriage to Mary Magdalene, and his daughter Sarah and the fact that she is what is referred to by the term “holy grail.” He made many more revelations in this interview. Next week he returns to continue the story.

To listen to this show and past shows, click on the link below:

An Hour with an Angel, January 9, 2012

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with channeler Linda Dillon…

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