Eliza: On Surrendering to Love

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: On Surrendering to the Love that you are

Has it only been two and a half weeks since Wesak? We all seem to be encompassing lifetimes in a matter of days.

For me, it has been all about eating healthier. I have managed on a primarily fruit diet, although I get strange looks from my co-workers when I go by with a bowl full of grapefruit slices instead of a sandwich. I still eat other foods, but not to the degree that I once did. Most sweets are out now, as I am also gradually weaning myself off of sugar, except in its natural form, fruit. A nice salad with some tuna fish or boiled egg gives me some needed protein and an array of vitamins from the dark greens. Then an occasional handful of nuts or one half of an avocado gives me fat/protein. It is a simple…

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