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ET Disclosure Submitted by Chris Bourne on 2 May, 2013 – 06:22 World News View Awakened Living Views

There is a growing impetus for “disclosure” of the ET involvement here on Earth. There’s reams of evidence that’s been covered up due to covert agendas by various secretive groups. Well now it would seem the lid is beginning to lift, with a couple of key movies coming to light. “Sirius” by Dr Steven Greer is about his comprehensive 20 year investigation and personal commitment to understanding the whole ET phenomenon. And there’s also “The Day Before Disclosure” which has been out a while, but is probably the most comprehensive, providing an exhaustive array of evidence and information. Understanding the intervention and how it works is a crucial part of our liberation and Ascension… Sirius details Steven’s personal journal and account, which includes many brushes with the ‘powers-that-be’. Clearly there’s a strong degree of ‘protectionism’, especially in relation to the ‘Zero Point’ technologies (notably “Free Energy”) that naturally unfold from the investigations. I do have some key concerns with the work. Firstly, and above all, there’s the view that these ETs are all friendly and here to help us. My experience is very much otherwise. Whilst various groups are indeed helping to bring light and understanding, in my direct experience, there’s a pretty widespread and underhand Controlling Consciousness which has intervened in the human journey for its own underhand agenda and continues to do so (you get a sense of that in the last 22 minutes of “The Day before Disclosure” – a free documentary I’ve attached below). Secondly, there’s still the view that Zero Point Energy is “free”, that there’s no cost to the earth. And there’s still a desire to use the technology to shape the earth ‘for the benefit of mankind’. Rather than allowing the earth to do what she does best and find her own harmony. Higher technology is already being used to limit and desensitise through general ‘excito-toxin’ technologies used in society. Anyway, if you’re wanting to know more about this subject, I can recommend watching the film with these caveats. The film will cost you $9.99 (The Sirius Documentary). But the film I found more informative and free, was this one… – See more at:

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