Closing old doors and opening new ones

Closing old doors and opening new ones
Submitted by Trinity on 30 June, 2013 – 15:38

“When one door closes another door opens;
but we so often look so long and so regretfully
upon the closed door,
that we do not see the ones which open for us.”
Alexander Graham Bell

Anyone serious about the journey of spiritual evolution realises at some point that closing old out-dated doors behind us is an essential part of the path. Sometimes they slam behind us, with little choice in the matter. Other times, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we just know, that we have to walk away and close it ourselves.
There is enormous potential for evolutionary growth in walking away, when the soul calls for it. If we ignore the calling of the soul, the situation will just keep digressing in a downward spiral until it crashes (or we do). We can cling on for dear life, yet, the door will close, sooner or later, one way or the other, if it is meant to, whether we like it or not.
When a door closes to us, it is telling us that we have learnt what we needed to from the situation. It tells us that something new is about to unfold in its place. If we can embrace this truth, a whole new world of possibilities dawns.
As the old door closes, let’s look back with gratitude and thanks instead of fear and regret. Let’s stay present in the moment with humble awareness, so that we can see the new opportunities unfold before us.
Let’s trust that the universe knows exactly what is in the best interest of our spiritual evolution.
soul to soul
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This couldn’t come at a more
3 July, 2013 – 11:33 — Dale
This couldn’t come at a more appropriat time for me. The last few months have shown me that just as you say, it is important to close doors and in their place, others open. I have had to make decisions as to wether to carry on with old activities that really, I was trying to hold on to that were winding down and unsustainable at this point in my journey. Where I choose to live, and with whome. That in order to see things through, other layers must be shed in order to commit fully to what has been started. This has proven to be painfull and uncomfortable at times, but also very expansive. I’m still in a transition, but I keep taking each step and feelign my way.
Thank you for sharing Trinity!
With love
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