Journal Entry 03.22.2014

Blue Dragon Journal

Dawn at Fish Lake

Journal Entry 03.22.2014

Yes, I’m writing in what will soon approach the middle of the night, but I feel a river of creativity rising from within, so I allow myself to be carried forth by the flow.

I was finishing up with the dishes — which I regard as another active meditation! — when I experienced one of those aha! moments when what you’ve heard from many different sources suddenly coalesces and you know what was meant.

I’ve been wondering why I like to take components of various teachings and weave them into something new, and perhaps more palatable to the newly awakened (eventually, at any rate). And then I harkened back to how Jesus approached his mission. As a rabbi, he would have been well versed in the multitude of laws of his ancient people; however, he chose to work with the Spirit of the law, not the letter…

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