Peter O’Donoghue: Creating The Life You Want With Be, Do, Have

You present some insightful and challenging points. At this point I am conflicted in my “being.” Being retired, married, grandparent many times, and trying to “re-purpose” my life is confusing. I have had careers ranging over forty years, but they fade into insignificance compared to the spiritual awakening I have experienced in the last two years. It should be easier to “be” at 72, but I am finding it extremely frustrating after a life of doing. Feeling that I should be “doing” so much as “Cosmic Messenger,” just “being” feels like being sidelined, helpless, and of diminishing value. I suspect this has more to do with 3D ego than spiritual stasis/acceptance/at-one-ment/wholeness.
Do you have any helpful advice?

Openhearted Rebel Peter O’Donoghue, Contributor for Waking Times ,

In my experience, when you ask someone what they want in the future, the reply is usually a list of activities they would like to do or things they would like to acquire.

When you ask someone, Who are you? The person will typically respond by giving you occupation.

Which one do you ask most often: What are you doing now? or Who are you being now?

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