Meditation – Techniques for Listening


In my search for a deeper, clearer connection with my Guides, Angels, Christ Consciousness, and Source/God, there have been several methods and techniques I have found. Most, for me, have been more 3D gimmicks than true method or gift. A few of the most effective methods or techniques I have found for me in “soul listening” are: focusing your thoughts, consciously breathing, relaxation, silence, visualization, and then listening.

1) Focusing your thoughts, as the first step in listening, can be the biggest barrier for many people. Our senses are bombarded with so much stimulae that our brains are constantly jumping from one thought to the next. Some have called this frenzy of thought “monkey brain.” There is a need to be very intentional in preparing for meditation. There should be a conscious decision to “focus” on the process for meditation.

2)When I consciously breathe I focus on accessing Spirit through the heart Chakra. Conscious breathing means first pushing all of the air out of your lungs by contracting the diaphragm muscles and the stomach muscles, forcing the air out of your lungs. Then distending or pushing out with your diaphragm muscles to “breath” in air through the nose to the lungs. Next, release the air slowly through your mouth.

3) As you breathe, you consciously “relax” the muscles of your body. I visualize myself relaxing, beginning in my feet, up my legs, to my body core, then chest, shoulders, arms and hands, then neck and head. It usually requires at least three repetitions to achieve the necessary level of relaxation in preparation for the next step.

4) To find silence, I seek seclusion and, if necessary, use ear plugs. Your environment is full of sounds. Some are filtered out unconsciously (white sound), and some can be disregarded.
As in 1), focus is required, but if you are highly motivated to “go within” in meditation, you can achieve that initial level of silence that can be described as “without thought.” When thoughts keep popping up, just let them go, and let your mind return to silence. At this point you are prepared for visualization.

5) In visualization, I picture my Self in an idyllic setting. Some might call it imagining, or daydreaming. In reality you have achieved a higher dimension. On that plane, You may perceive/visualize your Higher Self as an embodiment or as energy. Religions call this your Soul. Once you get beyond the wonder that you are actually experiencing this, consciously think and ask for a message from your Higher Self.

6) To “receive” messages from the Higher Self/Soul, Spiritual Guide(s), or Angels, there is the need to “listen.” Listening is not an accurate description, since it normally means sensory reception. Spiritual or “Soul” listening is about spiritual openness, receptivity, faith, or believing that the experience you are having is real. In most instances the response is immediate. It will be like a voice or knowing in your mind. They will be words of affirmation, of comfort, or of identity, purpose, or life direction.

When I first met my Guide I asked their name, and for a message. I believed/knew that the experience was real, that the responses were true, and in most instances the responses were immediate. I “heard” as a “knowing” in actual words, in my mind, and as a feeling of certainty in my heart.

I have learned that the biggest barriers to meditation, in addition to the ones mentioned at the beginning, are pre-learned beliefs about separation from God, unworthiness, and that only “holy men”/priests, etc. are allowed the connection with the Divine. The other barrier is our programmed love affair with things – the culture of materialism and the physical/egoic need for tangible gratification. 

But sound is not always a barrier to meditation. Sound is known in many spiritual and meditative practices to be a resource or vehicle for accessing the higher dimensions. Buddhists, for example, make the sound of “OM” or strike bells at various frequencies. 

On her website,, Jill Mattson addresses sound as an access “key” to the miracle in meditation: Pythagorus and Plato said that the nature of the soul is sound.  

Origin describes hearing as a “readiness of soul towards God.”

 “The person who has found the keynote of his own voice, has found the key of his own life”.

To hear your signature sounds, focus attention on a sound that is nearby. Next, adjust your hearing to listen to a sound that is far away. Continue changing your listening focus, going back and forth. This eventually creates a high pitched sound, similar to a ringing sound in our ears. This is our personal sound. This sound feeds our bodies and energies, improving the coherence of our voice.

Another way to access your signature sounds is to plug your ears and then listen carefully to subtle internal sounds. Find whatever means works best to block out extraneous sounds – use earplugs or place a pillow over the ears.  All that matters is that outside sound is effectively blocked out and that you are comfortable and able to concentrate.

Many sit quietly in meditation for quite some time before they perceive these subtle sounds. Perhaps as their focus improves and their skill of paying attention to very slight sounds increases, they begin to hear their nervous or circulatory systems, their heartbeat, or other unique sounds like the sound of a harp.

While in a meditative state, pretend that you have sounds in your ears, like tinnitus. Trust your imagination and listen for extremely soft, subtle and high-pitched sounds. It may be mechanical sounding, like a ringing in your ears, or sound like nature…like the ocean, crickets or rain. As you focus on this sound, it becomes louder. Move into the sounds in your thoughts. Close your eyes and move into it. Allow it to come around you like a cloak. There may be several frequencies involved. Try to hear more details of the sounds. Can you hear several sounds combining? Can you separate the sounds coming from each ear? Is there a variance of timber or volume of the sounds coming from each ear?

Over time I found that these subtle sounds morphed. What began sounding like a cricket ended up ten minutes later resembling the sound of the ocean. I also went through periods of many months when I only heard crickets and then suddenly my internal sounds were similar to the howling of the wind.

When we screen out interference and distractions we amplify our subtle inner sounds. In contrast, when we ignore these subtleties, they fade into the background and go away. To benefit from this gift, we must give it our deepest attention. We are a part of the miracle!



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