Two Different Worlds

Do you remember the song, “Two Different Worlds?” In our (spiritual ?)ascension beyond 3D do you feel as if you are literally living in two different worlds? I am constantly weirdly aware that time is out whack, that I don’t understand what people are saying (as if I didn’t know the language – even after asking them to repeat what they said).  Communicating with family, friends, associates, is a constant challenge of being misinterpreted or just being ignored. Many times it’s as if others aren’t even aware that I am there – they don’t see me or hear me.

Maybe I really am on a different frequency – beyond 3D. I no longer care about the popular media news. My angels/guides have informed me that at this stage of Source’s authorized Ascension of Our solar system (among others) there is a lot of chaos and confusion around time, place, events, and even identity.

Someone just reminded me of a thought: Often I don’t really know who I am. In one identity I am a retiree, with a wife, grown children, and grandchildren. In another identity I feel much younger; that I am on a mission to bring messages from the Divine/higher dimensions to this 3D world. It’s like existing in parallel universes – two people, but the same consciousness.

When I become immersed in this “other” identity, time seems to disappear. I am discovering countless sources of information. In meditation, whether in stillness, walking, or even in my car, I have ongoing dialogues with my Guides, with a “support” group that provides instant answers to my questions. At this moment, music is playing. So many songs evoke emotions, images, and knowing.

Then suddenly, I am back in my physical identity. Someone, or something reminds me of what I have to do, somewhere I have to be. Feeling confusion, frustration, fatigue. I seem to move back and forth between identities/dimensions, many times in a day. Often I feel boundless energy. Heavy work that used to drain the energy from me now seems almost effortless. Perhaps it’s the nutrition program I’m on. Certainly feel younger. Then I look at myself in the mirror and wonder who the old man is. Where did all the years go? Why can’t I remember most of it.
Maybe it’s just senior memory loss….. Or maybe that is just one of many lives I am living at the same moment of the eternal Now. It all seems to be just beyond my conscious awareness, like a dream.

So, the feeling of two different worlds is probably real. And what is becoming better and better is that I am choosing how I am going to experience those worlds/dimensions. In effect as I make positive intentions, and envision what is the best for every person, I create my reality…. or realities.

At this point in my ascension, I suspect that we live in two different worlds….or more.


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