Life After Death

In my meditation this morning, I had a discussion with my Dad. He was grooming a horse in front of a horse stable, in a meadow, just beyond a glade and a stream. That setting was in the dream I had of my Dad months after he died in 1971.

Of course he was fine. Back in 1971, when I met him in that dream. I asked him, “How are you doing, Dad?” And he said, “Fine, Son, just fine.” I never dreamed of Dad again.

But this morning! In a meditation, I had a wonderful meeting with Dad beside that same horse stable. I asked him many questions, and he answered them. Questions about Mom, and her parents and siblings. Questions about his parents and family. They are all fine. They all watch over us, my two brothers and our families, as we have our great adventures in this life. Why do they watch over us? Because we are part of them, as we are all part of God. We are all One.

Each person is on their own path, their own experience in this third dimensional Earth plane. Yet all our paths have the same destination: in the eternal Company of Heaven, in the infinite and loving arms of God. When we meet Him, again, we will know that He is us – and we are Him, for all is Oneness.

Life after death is a theme that keeps popping up for me, in books, in encounters with people, and now in my meditation.
I have a couple of shelves of books on the soul, why we are here and why we experience what we do. They reflect the search I have been on to discover (remember?)who we really are, as life forms emanating from the Source, the Creator, God.

Yesterday, I was listening to a YouTube audio on our origins. I confess, it is a magnificent and unexpected revelation for me.

On the blog,, there is an interview with Robert Potter on ET First Contact Radio. The theme is “The Event”.

Quoted from the video on,
“At 22 Rob was invited to the desert by “Master Hilarion” to meet a “Teacher”. The “Teacher” was one of the ET’s original earth military allies. Rob has spent much of his time studying the extra-terrestrials. He has met several ET’s in person.”

What does this have to do with life after death? Go to the blog and watch/listen to the YouTube video. What you will hear will remind you that truth may indeed be stranger than fiction.

Here are a few books I have read on the subject:
Dreams of Heaven, by Dr. Eban Alexander, Neurosurgeon (2013)
Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo (2010)
90 Minutes in Heaven, author ? (2003)

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