Your Soulmate

In her site, “inner Whispers”, April Crawford writes for a deep trance channel, Veronica. She explains the phenomenon of Soulmate.


 A New Message From VERONICA 
Achieving A Good Relationship
     “It is important to acknowledge the supreme value of your soul.  The physical life you lead is being conducted by that very energy.  The sense of self often labeled the ego fights for control of events.  In most cases, the ego wins out, but forever seeks the reconnection to the soul.
     In your cultures the ego, missing that energetic relationship, creates a search for their “other half”.  Some define it as a soulmate that is needed to complete the lack that the ego feels.  In reality, it is the desire to reconnect soulfully to the wholeness felt when not embodied.
     Perhaps it is time to realize that another energy does not complete you.  The soulful connection is within you and does not need completion through outside participation.  Souls who are more acquainted with the non-linear often find the physical linear a void of isolation.  The only remedy being a reconnection to one’s own energy.
     We are often questioned about connection, so we realize it is apparently a crises situation for some.  In seeking the wholeness of the self, the only true answer is to be complete within your own energy.
     A good relationship in the linear can only be achieved by two “whole” souls, not two halves.  Both parties need to realize self completion before embarking upon a relationship.
     Two halves may make a whole, however, two strong whole energies make for a good relationship.
     There is no other way.
     The meeting of two whole energies sends a wave of harmony throughout the linear and non-linear.
     Be whole.
     It’s worth it.”




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