Hand of God Cloudship

Hand of God Cloudship

Taken July 17, 2013, from my back deck, facing NE. over L.St.Clair, Ontario

When I first saw it I was amazed, but I didn’t know the significance of it until I discovered the blog, The Indian in the Machine. It was there that I learned of Cloudships. They are the cloaked Lightships of the higher dimensions, hidden in clouds. Higher dimensionals are also called ETs and Angels. Their Lightships oftentimes referred to as UFOs, surround our planet Earth in the hundreds of thousands, observing us, and watching over us; ensuring that we do not destroy ourselves or Gaia, our planet, with nuclear war, ecological destruction, or being killed off by the Dark Ones who have enslaved humanity for thousands of years.
I continue to research the Cloudships, watching for them in our skies, and keeping spiritually awake and aware for the messages and guidance they provide for me, and all of us – if we are listening.
Peace, Love, and Light.


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