Falling in to Love

Fear as we have learned, is the flip side of Love. Falling in to Love is in reality falling into the Divine arms of our Source, the Creator/God, Infinite Consciousness, YAHWEH (YHWH), Allah, Vishnu, Brahman – whatever name that one is comfortable with.
“Falling into” means trusting. In our Western culture we have been programmed to trust what is empirically verifiable. In other words we trust our head but not our heart. We trust the physical because we can control it. But we don’t trust the spiritual because it is non-physical. To control the spiritual requires accessing it. Accessing spirit requires openness, emotional vulnerability, and surrender to what is unknown to us.

Remember that trust is a choice. When we seek love, we both fear rejection and yearn for unconditional acceptance, and belonging. Is it foolish or unrealistic to yearn for this completeness, and peace of body, mind, and spirit?

As rational human beings we have been conditioned to believe that it is rare to experience this, except through mystical aestheticism. But, we are first spiritual Beings. In this lower vibrational three dimensional incarnation, we are literally cut off from the higher dimensions of Spirit. How do we access Spirit? Historically, and in Eastern spiritual practices, the Chakra, or energy centres of the body, are found from the base of the spine to above the crown of the head. The heart is a key access point, or portal, to the higher dimensions.

In meditation the access point of Spirit/Soul is the heart, which is also the focal point of feeling or emotions. When we breath deeply in preparation for meditation, the oxygen taken in activates endorphins, raising the energy level of the heart. This human physical intention is also an act of trust/faith that we are accessing our Higher Self and our Spiritual Guide(s).

“Habit”, impelled by fear, to conform to empirical social norms, is a long term practice of conforming, to “stay motivated” to find acceptance in that setting. That habit is an enslaving state of mind, emotions, and spirit.

Last September I was told to get out of my head and into my heart. That’s a song, isn’t it? Since then I set my intention to do just that. I’m still working on that, but it is showing great results, and great joy for me. No one can force another to change. But people can be programmed through fear to conform.

I offer these thoughts only as some resources that have been received by a Cosmic Messenger to be passed along for the healing and ascension of beautiful Spirits – like you.

Peace and Love as you find this Divine treasure, which is yours from Spirit.
Bill G.***+

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