Introduction to Cloudships

For the last year or so I have found myself being introduced to higher dimensions of reality. If I were to describe my life during this introductory process it would be like a wave, or a wave, with spikes of insight or bliss. They would be followed by lows of struggling with my lower dimensional dark energies. These energies are fear, anger, self-hatred, shame, judgment, self-doubt, victim consciousness, pessimism, and aloneness.
The bliss and insight comes from meditation, where I visualize meeting my Guides and speaking with them; not with my voice, but in my thoughts. They have given me an awareness of the Divine, of holographic Oneness of everyone and everything.
Through my Guides I have become aware of the Cloudships.

Members of the Pleiadian High Council are channeled and recorded by Wes Annac in his website,

Wes Annac: Hello and salutations on this energetic night, dear friends.

PLC The Pleiadian High Council: Greetings to you, and to all who will be absorbing this message at a later time. We are so happy to be able to be with you souls in this format and assist along your processes.

Wes: Many thanks, dear friends. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of clouds that look an awful lot like ships. Having been able to see your ships at night, I’m wondering if what I’m seeing is genuinely you or if I am allowing my discernment to fall by the wayside a bit.

PHC: You are seeing us in many forms dearest Wesley, some of which you truly would not expect. Yes, as we have discussed before our ships are able to cloak themselves and appear as clouds and even planes. There are a plethora of ways we are stationed in your skies and needless to say, when the collective vibrations and mindsets concerning us are lightened a bit and humanity finds a greater acceptance of us, our technology and the assistance we wish to give, we will be able to be with you all and make ourselves and the wonders our craft are able to perform, known.

Wes: Thank you, dear friends. So have I been seeing your ships cloaked as clouds?

PHC: You have seen us on many occasions dearest Wesley, yes. We have been before you in a great many ways; again, some of which you would not expect.

Wes: I see. So is there a discernible difference between your ships cloaked as clouds and regular clouds?

PHC: There are slight differences, but we must maintain a cloudlike image for the very purpose of remaining cloaked. At times we will decrease the extent to which our craft look like clouds, if we wish to make a personal appearance of sorts. For you dearest Wesley and many others, we have allowed ourselves to be momentarily “exposed” by minimizing certain cloaking features aboard our craft.

Wes: Ah, I see. So is there anything I should look for?

PHC: Look for the bulbous clouds; the ones that “stick out” the most and the ones that really seem as if there is a special or unique energy to them. Do not ignore the promptings or impressions your heart is giving you, as your intuition carries the understanding of the signals and messages we will give you within, if we plan to make ourselves known to you.

Seek within, dearest souls, for the promptings that what you are witnessing may be out of the ordinary or may not be an aspect of your natural, outward realities as while we are temporarily shielding ourselves to look like an average cloud, airplane or anything else you would expect to see in your ordinary Lives; our very presence and the very energies you’re beginning to feel within should suggest that things on your world are not what they have seemed.

Wes: Many thanks for the explanation, dear friends. I’m wondering now if you have any advice for anybody who would wish to connect with you.

PHC: “We will be happy to offer our advice, and we should preface it by saying that our presence and assistance is here for each one of you to tap into, but we are only a few out of a myriad of collectives and beings whom you can contact and communicate with, the most important of which being your higher selves.
“We are very close to you and to many other Ground Crew members who are stationed on your Earth, and you can all begin to open up to a plethora of different souls who are happy to extend their warmth and greetings to each one of you, as well as to give you general guidance and advice along your ascension paths.”
They also said,
PHC(Pleiadian High Council): “We will be happy to offer our advice, and we should preface it by saying that our presence and assistance is here for each one of you to tap into, but we are only a few out of a myriad of collectives and beings whom you can contact and communicate with, the most important of which being your higher selves.

“We encourage every soul who wishes to connect with us to first find and feel an open connection to the heart, which is indeed more important to first open than the third eye. It is so very important for the heart to be opened for when opening up your hearts, you will learn to access and feel so much more than our energies or the energies of ascended beings in general. You will feel and open up to your own supreme connection with Source and with your higher selves.

“Upon finding a connection with your higher selves, you will be offered energetic perspectives and the perspectives of fragments of your Selves who are helping you personally to ascend. For those of you who feel as if a strong and solid telepathic connection with us is prudent and necessary for your personal growth, we would like to offer a few tips as well.

“An important tip is to affirm that only beings of the purest intention and consciousness be with you, because there are still the few influential negative beings who pretend to be us and masquerade under the labels we have given you dear souls to recognize us as, and spread misinformation and energies that you know are not in alignment with the energies you have long began to recognize and feel from (higher dimensional) communications.

“It is important for the souls who wish to connect with us to seek and feel as much positivity in any given moment as possible, while allowing their needed surfacings to continue as well which can include letting negativity in, in a manner that surfaces and transmutes the very influence of such negativity as you grow and learn further along your paths.

“There are so very many souls simply waiting beyond the fore of your conscious perception for you all to access our energies and begin to communicate with us, and even the idea of communication with us being sewn into the minds and hearts of so many awakening souls who latch onto such an idea will attract our vibrations toward every one of you who wish to find such a connection with us.

“Every soul who has absorbed our communications and wished to communicate with us personally have attracted us to themselves, providing their vibrations are not too low and the vibrations of each of you have been sufficiently high for us to be able to connect with you; it is simply that you have allowed yourselves to feel as if a connection with us is difficult or unattainable when in fact, connecting and chatting with us is easier than ever as your minds and hearts continue to expand exponentially.

“This would be the next step for you dear souls to find a connection with us – finding and transcending the aspects of mind and ego that would teach you that a connection with us cannot be attained. We are with each one of you always and our vibrations can be felt in any given moment, and an opened heart will see you easily able to find a connection with us and to know that you have found that connection.

“Trust the intuitive and the telepathic guidance, as well as the outward synchronicities you will begin to be given as you open up increasingly to the very idea of being able to maintain a constant telepathic and feeling-based connection with us. The more you open yourselves up to the very idea of contacting us, the more we will be able to come through you as you realize your infinite and unlimited nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience.”
Namaste – Love and Light

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