On the Verge of Clarity

In the past several days I have been feverishly reading blogs and websites, hoping to see signs and way markers to find my way back, back to the Right Path, to Home. People have been questioning my personal credibility; that it’s just me talking with not much to say. I sometimes think I have slipped into insanity…. There is a fine line, they say. Before retirement from active ministry I lost touch with Spirit. Immersed in the administration and politics of Church, I stopped listening to my heart, my Higher Self, my connection with the Divine.

In my desperation, then as now, I had forgotten the basic instruction for receiving Divine Guidance: Be still and quiet in mind, heart, and spirit, and listen. Ask God, and Guide, for clarity, peace, and inspiration to continue this mission as Cosmic Messenger. I have been deeply moved by the inner awareness that I am on the verge of clarity.

At Noon today I suddenly found my Self with my Guide. I asked Him, “Who are you?” He didn’t answer. I asked, “Are you —-?” He said, “Yes.” I asked Him, “Why did you choose me?” He immediately replied, “I was assigned to you.” I asked, “What is so special about me?” He said, “You have always been special.
You have come into this life to clarify belief.

Data from various religious and social connections indicate more people believe in ETs than God. This reflects a dramatic shift in consciousness that is underway. Belief follows thought, and thought in turn accompanies credible personal experience, whether it is physical or spiritual. When more people are aware of ETs, which are increasingly being observed around the globe, supported by modern technological evidence, their personal “experience” of this is deeply impressed on their consciousness and impacts their beliefs. Their experience of UFOs and/or ETs is that they are otherworldly.

Who or what are they? Are they space raiders or are they benevolent higher dimensional beings who many have called Angels? Popular media and political opinion make them out as creatures that are here to destroy and enslave us. Yet, over many thousands of years all they have done is observe humanity. Yes, there are dark entities from other dimensions that have controlled humanity throughout history. One such species was known as the Anunaki. Their history was recorded on Sumerian clay tablets found in archeological digs in what is present day Iraq. One of the first translations and interpretations of the tablets was undertaken by Zecharia Sitchin. He wrote a series of books on the subject known as “The Earth Chronicles.” The first book in the series was entitled “The Twelfth Planet.”
They are a must read for anyone wanting to research the origins of human beings as a product of ET genetic engineering. They also present very credible hypotheses on the origins of civilizations, of gods, of religions, and of kingships. Many Biblical Old Testament stories, including the creation stories, have been attributed to the Anunaki. This can be found especially in Genesis 1,2,and 6.

The Anunaki are one of a small number of ET civilizations that have been said to have oppressed human civilization. But they are vastly outnumbered by the benevolent ETs who watch over this planetary jewel of creation, to ensure that the planet and it’s human beings evolve with optimum potential for a peaceful, harmonious, and loving development.

Since 1945 and atomic warfare, the Angelic beings/ETs in their countless thousands of Light ships, have indicated their attention has been much more intense. Since then sightings and contact have increased dramatically. Why? Because humanity and its leadership have implemented technologies that have brought our planet, Gaia/Terra, and humanity, to a tipping point on the edge of self-destruction. In our global race for technological superiority over each other, much of humanity has lost their connection with their Spiritual Self, their Soul.

Neale Donald Walsch expressed this in his 2002 book “The New Revelations: A Conversation with God,” (pp.2-6), God says to Neale, ‘The problem facing the world today is a spiritual problem…. You keep trying to solve the world’s problems as if it were a political problem, or an economic problem, or even a military problem……’
God tells Neale help has been provided through “the book.” God says we not only have to read the book, but also to “heed it.” Neale responds, “the problem is, they all hold up a different book…. And every book says something else.” God continues, “..there are many holy writings and sacred scriptures, and you act as if there is only one….. There is only one Sacred scripture, there is also only one way to INTERPRET that scripture: your way… This spiritual arrogance is what has caused you your greatest sorrow as a species… You have turned the source of the greatest joy into the source of your greatest pain…. Because there is one thing for which human beings seem willing to give up everything…. Being right… Indeed, for this you are willing to give up Life itself.”

Measured against the doctrinaire requirements of membership in institutional religions, more people are choosing to withdraw from those religions, either in attendance at worship, or personal commitment, to beliefs that are losing credibility. People are questioning what is Real or Truth for them.

I would recommend that you read this book and Walsch’s other books, and the Holy Books of other religions, yourself; and make up your own minds and hearts about their veracity. Don’t let other people tell you what you are to believe. Think for yourself, based on research, and prayer. Ask God yourself, what is true. If you listen with your heart, and your mind, and your soul, you will recognize the Truth, and that it is based on Love.

Love is the essence of God the Creator, in whose image we are made. In that sense we all have the same origin. We are all One, as God is One. Separation from God is not God’s choice, it is our choice, based on ancient myths of a God of wrath and judgment; of religions that teach separation is unworthiness and sinfulness. Humanity has been programmed to be a prodigal and struggling species that has lost its way.

Yet, In the last book of the Bible, Revelation 3:20, John gives us the words of Jesus, who says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him, and eat with him, and he with me.”
Read the whole chapter. Read the whole Revelation. Read the whole Bible and heed it! Pray and meditate on God, for Truth.

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