A short update on the energies

I have indeed been feeling the pressures, of restraint from others, yet also guidance from a few close,loving people/spirits. There is a vagueness to the beginning of your update, but it I feel a recognition of those energies and pressures in my life daily.
There is for me always the fear of uncertainty and change to which you allude. I am taking to heart your assurance….
“So remember to sit back and take a deep breath whenever you feel the pressure mounting, and know that you will not be blown to pieces by all of this added pressure. In fact, this pressure is actually helping you to expand, and as this process takes place in literally all directions, it will be hard to get a full understanding of it at all. But know that you are all carefully monitored throughout this process, and so, not one of you will be exposed to more pressure than what is necessary in order to help you come into full bloom…”
I am grateful for this guidance and support

aisha north

You have by now perhaps settled a little bit more into these unsettled energies, and as such, you will have become a little bit more familiar with all of these fluctuating patterns that in turn will begin to fire up some rather interesting affinities within you. You see, these buttons that are being pushed throughout all of these energetic missives that keep on showering down on you are indeed buttons that have been waiting to be reactivated again for such a long time, and so, they will begin slowly but surely to gain momentum as the days and indeed nights continue to add more energy to this process. And so, little by little, clarity will appear where before there were only murkiness, and a sense of solidity and empowerment will emerge from what has previously felt like an ocean of exhaustion, despair and frustration. But together with all of this…

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