Go Within

I just received a Uriel Heals message through Jennifer Hoffman’s site, Enlightening Life. Like most people, I have always had a fear that I can’t move forward because I’m not inspired or not capable or that success is not in the cards for me. When we accept the standard of this world, this physical dimension of reality, we set the bar so high that it creates stress – anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, and dis-ease.

ArchAngel Uriel encourages us, invites us, to go within. Going within is an action of choice. You can recognize the invitation as an awareness, a thought that pops into your mind that the answers you need are already in you. All you need to do is ask.

How does one ask? For me it means meditating and visualizing. Many readers know how to do this, not with the same degree of success or consistency, but it’s a process and a discipline. For those who haven’t yet explored meditation, you have probably prayed, even though you may not consciously realize that you have.  Praying and meditation are similar. They are both intended to make contact with Source – or God or Christ if you prefer. The difference between the two, for me, has been the intention of receiving a response, immediately or waiting with the certainty of a response.

Of course the response will depend on what is being asked. If one is asking to be rescued, the response may be an event rather than a thought.  For example, in the book, “90 Minutes In Heaven,” the author, Pastor Don Piper was in a “fatal” auto accident.  His clergy friend prayed with him, holding his hand for 90 minutes. Even though the EMTs declared he was dead, with no pulse, Don’s friend prayed, not for the injuries he could see, only for the healing of internal damage.”(p.47) During those 90 minutes Don Piper experienced the “pearly” gates of Heaven, meeting relatives and friends who had died, who greeted him with a love that had never been so deep and with “an ecstatic bliss [that] overwhelmed me.”(p.26)

Piper experienced most of the classic NDEs (Near Death Experience). And, though he regained consciousness at the accident scene, and suffered massive pain from broken legs, arms, and lacerations, the hospital trauma doctors couldn’t believe that Piper had no brain or internal injuries. Some would call this a miracle, some would call it a mystery.  The reality is it happened.

This experience has been recorded countless times. For logical, empirically scientific doctors, there is an attempt to explain such events as “odds” of survival, and “luck.”  For NDEs, they turn to their training and experience and express it in terms of biological processes and the release of hormones, and the body’s response to trauma in terms of shock/shutdown. That was the experience of Dr. Eban Alexander, the neurosurgeon in North Carolina, who wrote the book, “Dreams of Heaven.”  Dr. Alexander was in a coma with a viral cerebral meningitis he contracted on a speaking trip overseas. His coma came on suddenly, after being taken to his own hospital in Charlotte. It lasted seven days, and he awoke suddenly, with virtually no brain damage or memory loss. Except that he had a clear memory of Heaven, of meeting family and friends who had died, of feeling profound love, of speaking with angels. His neurosurgeon colleagues could not comprehend how or why Alexander had no loss of brain cells or memory loss.

What classical “modern” science has not comprehended or acknowledged is the non-physical reality of spirit or soul. Yet “New Science” is encompassing this reality.  In his book, “Healing Words,” Dr. Larry Dossey, an ER doctor and surgeon in the United States, discovered that “non-local” events, not measurable with existing technology, influence medical, and life, outcomes. Double blind, repeated and repeatable experiments demonstrated that thought, even thousands of miles away from the object being thought about, positively or negatively changed the state of that object.

Thought is involved in meditation and prayer. It isn’t purely intellectual brain thought/mind. It is better understood as heart-mind.  The heart is perceived to be spiritually as the place of the soul. Consciously focusing one’s thoughts in meditation/prayer in the heart, the emotions or feelings released are an energy that not only connects with a dimension outside time, it is immediate and unlimited in distance. In other words it functions beyond space/time. Some might describe this phenomenon as eternal or Divine. All of this is accessible when one goes within. Through this we discover and experience Oneness with everything – all life, all things, all space and planets and galaxies and universes – and Source, the Infinite intelligence and Love Consciousness that is in all of Creation. In this Divine Matrix of holographic complexity is where we are. But where is here?  The books of “The Law of One,” and the movie, “The Secret,” point us in the direction of the answer(s) we seek.  You might also read “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden.


Edge of Visible Universe

Oneness, Light, and Love to you

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