Who Are You?

The Second Message From the Cosmos

Are you consciously aware of who you are? I don’t mean your name, gender, genealogy, your education, your employment experience, or your job description.
I mean, are you consciously aware of your soul, your spirit, your spirit Self, the origin of your life?

I have just spent the last two hours watching the movie, “The Secret” on YouTube, and taking five pages of notes. It was fabulous! The irony of this is that two years ago my daughters had told me about “The Secret,” but I was asleep. I had been a practicing ordained minister in a mainline church for over thirty years, but I was was so “indoctrinated” by academic theology (empirical theology) that I had no heart-sense of Spirit. 

So this blog is making much more sense to me now. Yes, I am supposed to be a Cosmic Messenger, as I have been in a way for the previous thirty plus years in ministry. But with five years of burn-out sabbatical after retirement, Source has put out the offer again, in Source’s infinite patience, to take up my Divine mission again to be a Messenger. For this I am so deeply grateful to these two Spirits who came into my life in the human embodiment of my daughters.

Which leads me to the theme I said I would continue in my previous/first post. I said I would suggest some websites, etc. that I have found very helpful in my exploration of New Spirituality and the nature of reality as it is being revealed beyond traditional empirical science and theology. Here are a few:

Golden Age of Gaia; Aisha North; Aquarius Paradigm; Neale Donald Walsch – “I Believe God Wants You to Know; Heavenletters; Aurora; Disclosure 2012.com; Who Needs Light; Jennifer Hoffman; The Shift; Humanity’s Team; Maps of Heaven; Wes Annac; Earth Ascends; urielheals.com; Galactic Federation of Light; http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/08/ashtar-via-philipp-update-on-september-2013/;
maureenmoss.com; ashtarcommandcrew.com; divinecosmos.com; Zecharia Sitchin; jeshua.net

Before I watched “The Secret” I watched/read through “The Law of One” on YouTube. I absolutely recommend this also. 

As it says, “This is a fundamental teaching of all planes of existence in materialization of Unity, Love, Light, and Joy. The second ranking lessons are in meditation and service. [And] the foundation of these exercises is meditation, contemplation, and prayer. With this attitude these exercises can be processed. Without it, the data will not sink down into the roots of the tree mind, thus ennobling the body and touching the Spirit. Those who learn to visualize images in mind are developing an inner concentration power that can transcend boredom and discomfort. When the ability has become crystallized, one can effect planetary consciousness.” (From Law Of One by Ra)

I would encourage you to read the five Books of The Law of One for a complete coverage of all this material.

Here is another piece of helpful information:

Humanity’s Team
Friday, February 14th, 2013

~New Seeds of Reality by Peggy Black and the ‘team’

Remember energy follows thought. What you give your attention and focus to will manifest. The emotional vibrations you generate will empower what you visualize for the good or what you judge and worry about. You are powerful. Own this truth!

Sculpt this new cycle with your clear, conscious loving intentions and emotional vibrations for a reality that is life sustaining for all. Be ever diligent with your thoughts, words and actions. You are here to uplift this reality.

You are here to serve the collective good. This is not a new task for you. You, as a Being of Light, have come forth into physical form many, many, many times offering your light consciousness into that timeframe.






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